Battle station / Bedroom thread."

Battle station / Bedroom thread."

Hows this?

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It's a fucking mess

Switch to all natural smooth peanut butter. Check the ingredients, it should only read peanuts and salt.
Drink water only.

get a garage you slob

bro are you eating peanut butter with a spoon

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No way, Someone could steal my bike.
And I get off on the smell of motoroil OWO

Your "bike" is missing a few pieces. lol. Also enjoy your cancer related illnesses from oil and chemical exposure.

I will.

OP is Obviously using a Knife.
Thats OK

fuck you
having to stir that stuff, oil gets everywhere

full house checked
OP is a goddamned patriot and a hero!

Gatorade> Power-aid
Both are bad but Gatorade using real Sugar Poweraid uses High Fructose corn syrup.

You're a lazy fuck if youd rather eat emulsified oils instead of stiring you're fucking peanut butter.

Get a grip trainer you weak fucker.

I didn't say I couldn't stir it, you goddamn peanut butter nazi! I have things to do besides stir peanut butter and clean up peanut oil! You goddamned snowflake, organic pussy!

Hell yea you tell em.

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>be op
>hurr durr gonna be real silly and take a picture of my scooter in my bedroom lol fuck you stepdad
>why everyone talking about peanut butter?

Any assumptions?

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You're either a chick or a faggot.

have roommates or?
Ever since I had my own place I quit keeping a tool box in my bedroom.

Could be both



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tits with timestamp

lol. What a fag. Sugar bad. Pesticides much scary.

What do I win?

not finished.. especially the left side

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Damn you're cute.
But yeah, timestamp or gtfo

You win disappointment
But im in bed and its cold in my apartment

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>battle station thread
>shows room with pc small on the side

Yes, youre clearly a woman.


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oh hey same keyboard

why the fuck do you have a desk phone

casually placed bong

For when I have to speak to clients, I have to do remote support from time to time when working from home.

>Fuggin phone posters
Im actually a chad thank you very much!

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Agreed. They should at least leave extra room for mixing then

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comfy my ass it looks like the fuckin aliens have landed

If it aint broke it don't need replaced!

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thanks bro

This has less to do with that and more to do with hydrogenated oils and how peanut butters ingredients should be peanuts.
Also just drink water only

My stream setup

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Yeah, I stream in a basement, but it’s MY basement.

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I can't tell if you're a chick or a faggot.

do you stream from an underground black site in Turkmenistan?

Gimme a hand gesture or something
That way i won't have to leave bed to hunt for a pen

that means ur a faggot too

Dongerlord confirmed lurker?

I used to have the same Antec case, weighted a ton when taking it to LAN'S back in the day.

east side killer gang sign

R8. Don't mind about the specs it's at least 5 years old. New compy in 2022 when Intel answers to the Ryzen

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poor single weeb

sure pal

who the fuck is Dongerlord

another selfie with the fork in a different location. Bed's fine

whats with the purple light? doesnt it hurt your night eyes?

fair enough...

there is a distinct lack of body pillows and anime posters everywhere. Not even the desktop background is anime. You're bad at assumptions.

i do blue, purple was just for photo

i want to believe

the giant floral rug thing on the wall is Japanese

But do they have an answer? They seem to be heading down a wrong path.

blue is even worse

they use it on navy ships to make you forget what time of day it is

It's not like intel is going to go belly up over it. im anticipating something brand new that isn't a "core" anything

that doesnt make you a weeb you clueless faggot

My Maxnomic is having the same kind of wear after 3-4 years... Kinda disappointing.

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>Weeaboo is a mostly derogatory slang term for a Western person who is obsessed with Japanese culture

google. they probably eat sushi alone all the time lmao

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the best lewds of females and trapps!

discord gg/T4HYhgU

>has a Japanese decoration on the wall

what a Japanese obsessed faggot


>Tfw you have to hold the blanket up with your mouth

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ok fuck it, I ain't gay and I don't know if trap or not, but you're cute.

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that's pretty gangster

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yeah but it's 300€ or something? i think thats not that bad
planning on putting like a big black cloth/sheet over just that sitting area...

Im the most hardcore of them al my dude

k den

My Sup Forums station.

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I mean im a huge fujo but my tapestry has nothing to do with japan

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You do look like a stone cold killer thug to me. Did you get that floral Japaneses hanging from knocking over a Yakuza chapter in your hood, fam?

rate my setup, i can show different angles if needed

thanks for viewing

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What year is it at your place?

Of course i did
I dabbed him into the 6th dimension bro

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>Im actually a chad thank you very much!
I see why you say this all the time now. Saw your pre-transition pic on /lgbt/, it's actually shocking how crazy attractive you were as a dude. Shame about the dysphoria ruining that

can you show me an angle of u with ur fancy mouse shoved up ur fancy asshole?

legit concerns, but if the only partially hydrogenated vegetable oil you eat is that found in peanut butter, how much peanut butter would you have to eat for it to pose a realistic risk of cancer

That's straight thuggin, homeslice.

Aight I'm 99% sure you're a dude

not my proudest fap ngl

Alex jones detected

u guys really that desperate to whack off to a picture of a stranger's face? Good I thought it was just me.

.looks cool doe

show the rest of your room.
looks scary as shit

It was annoying having girls in highschool hit on me (and middle-aged drunk ladies for some reason)
This is the ideal male body
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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Ha! So I was right! You're a chick AND a dude!