How do we kill all the zoomers?

How do we kill all the zoomers?

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We are the future gramps. If you born before January 1 2000, you are too old to use this site

you literally made us lmao the subscription is permanent

u really think this virgin had any part in creating your generation?
>protip:he wishes he did but he didnt

Everyone influences society a little, since we grew up in this society, he had a part in raising us all. I don't think OP fucks though.

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They eat tide pods for breakfast and inhale battery acid. They'll kill themselves in their retardation.

you cant every trend its made to brainwash the next generation of kids ,to grow and synch society we lived. the same with memes.

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you fags literally shoot eachother just cuz politicians get bored, come back home with trauma, and cope from it by developing stockholm syndrome

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I don't fight politicians wars. I don't even vote. The left/right paradigm is for those that cannot think without another's direction. I don't hate people who vote. I wish they'd wake up though. That would be nice.

climate change is probably your best bet. but that'll kill you, too, so...

Most of Sup Forumsā€˜s user base is about 12-16 years old. Sup Forums would die without them.

>the left/right paradigm is for those that cannot think without another's direction
big agree on that one, especially American two party system is fucking laughable

Yes, it is. I was born in America. Lament for me. It wasn't my fault.

Mods ban underage


And the future is fucked.
Thanks kids

Terrible bait

you aren't nearly as smart as you clearly think you are.

Start with you first glownigger

If you vote, neither are you.

>I don't even vote
Big brain boi here guys, watch out.
You sound like a zoomer.

I think Bill Burr made a fair observation when he said "What does the President of the United States get paid? Like $400,000 a fuckin' year? Meanwhile athletes are makin' millions of dollars annually? If there were ever a set up for a world leader to be bribed, that would be it don't ya think? Just looks a little suspicious."
Take the words of one of the U.S. own presidents. F.D.R. said "Presidents are not Elected. They are SElected."