Read the sign

Read the sign.

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OK, I read. What now?

This bet this fuck mook felt so accomplished by doing this. Fuckin sheep.

this is who is calling you an incel

Who the guy in the pic? Or OP? Not everyone who mocks these types are Incels, you know. You must be like the guy in the pic.

Wouldn't cissexism be against cis people or am I doing it wrong

I bet this commenter felt so self righteous writing this. Fucking malcontents.

ppl need to leave the guy in the pic alone, tho, I mean he has a point. Men are gross, what men AREN’T incels at this point. —-____—-

Men make me sick.

Nope, it’s cis people being sexist towards trans ppl. Which you all are, btw.

Literally? Cliche.
Figuratively? The ... umm... person has issues but blames society for its genetic defects.

>Which you all are, btw.
Damn, that sounds bigoted.

Why do you look like a balding 50yr old man and the nerdy girl in band at the same time?

Is that five head a man or wpman?

It's both.
And neither.

I think he might be joking. But them leftists are so out there its hard to tell if it's a parody

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That's not how colons work.

Is that young Filtch from harry potter?

You die

he's reminding me of ron weasleys rat before it turns into a human

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young ben franklin

This thread belongs in

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