Seriously what the fuck is with black guys walking around in public with their shirts off all the time...

Seriously what the fuck is with black guys walking around in public with their shirts off all the time? I was out and about in the city and I saw this dude. Do they have no sense of decency?

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Shit, negro, if I were black and naturally cut from birth I'd be doing the same thing. Where da white wimmin at

I already see two pussies opening up

It’s to show that they are available, but they’ll only accept the top position. Like the ones who sag showing they’re hottoms.

>brunette with bf is ready

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I would wear shirts less often if I had a nice upper body, too. U just jelly

Pretty much. They're simians after all.

literally niggers by definition

Is the other black couple also ready for him just because they are also looking?

He'd look good without that retarded scruffy haircut.

They same reason they talk on speaker phone in public, play music through their phone in a store, and use Bluetooth headsets for phonecalls constantly

girl to the right wants to get pound. guy to the right wants to get ultra pounded.

He's just going to run through The Neighborhood with shirt off and scream I'm going to steal all your stuff

that guy is hot. he's showing off how strong he has become through hard work. why are you staring and taking photos unless you really like it?

>OP wants men to wear burkas
are you retarded?

Are you ok the guy is built in the upper body why not

>like you can't see it in her eyes

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I always thought animals didn't need clothes. A monkey walking around without a shirt isn't a problem. The fact it's out among people is the problem. Put that nigger back in the feild

Its so the police have less to grab onto while chasing them down.

niggers gonna nig

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Your own picture answers your question, dipshit

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what do you think on U.S getting invaded by China?
look at twitter, youtube, twitch, all of these companies preparing us

every single policy lately has been about silencing free speech and hiding those that are utilizing free speech via search algorithms that guarantee they'll never been seen

this is all to appease china so they can ban anyone or anything the chinese government doesn't like their bugmen citizens hearing

Not gonna lie OP, I'd be shirtess too if I had a body like that.

It's not niggers user, i have seen whites and mexicans do this, just chads in general, they are ripped and think everybody is interested for some reason, hoes usually are tho