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ching wong
6 minutes

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k 6

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slim shady?

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nice 9s
spiderman copies the entire game onto the hard drive instead of playing it from the disc
apparently this is common? i feel like this has never happened for me before. its pretty annoying

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fat shaded
Do not trust that wall crawler, he's a menace!

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but how shoot web?
shady Larry

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Discrete Jonny

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concrete paljeet

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iron thomas

faggot goro

FiShwifE Sono loves diCkglue and is SmItten with dickglue.

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i was gonna wait until 8 or 9 but okay






Really quiet around here again.
Feeling like a real piece of shit because I couldn't buy premium food for my dog. Good night.

sleep well.

just waiting
want me to help?
have a good one

in French, the megabyte is called a mégaoctet
i just thought that was really cool.

octet, a set of 8.
such a simple number.
the difference between a kilobyte and kibibyte is a few bits
computers are weird

Cjdjdiwja ah

Yeah, but the French can't even count properly and a rubbish bin is called a poobell.

Poop jgaggeheheh

heheh poo
uh oh stinky


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poop haha


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I dont forgiv you

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fair enough
want to kiss?

I dont kiss bad people

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my apologies

I accept apologize and i forgiv you
Wanna hug?

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