>not owning a rolex

Explain yourself, poorfags ;)

Pic related is mine, you faggots jelly? hehe ;)
it's a new Rolex Submariner ;)

You see i don't wear shitty watch like workingclass dumb idiots wear.. shit watches like Casio and fucking Timex. ;)) I only wear expensive watches ;) hehe

I almost got laid 2 times since wearing this expensive watch ;))

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Fake and gay kys ;)

I think that's cutting your circulation off there Ahmed.

I like how it makes your arm and dick beater look even fatter

omega speed master > Rolex

How can I afford a watch like that on a Wendy’s chef salary? ($14.35/hr + tips)

You do realise wearing that shit makes it so going to certain places means you will most certainly be maimed? Its like handicapping your mobility stat but irl

Did you need to sell your knuckles to afford it? Still not grown back since the last time this shit was posted. KYS faggot.

Wtf is this round ass fist lmao

Looks like a gigant babys hand

You bought it from wish.com

>mfw acting rich with the cheapest sub, 14060

I don't spend my time imagining what others might think about me and jacking off to it. Fuck you and your watch.

No one fuckin cares about YOUR watch you dumb cunt unless they wanna steal it. Hopefulyy a nigger shoots you and sells it for $20 worth of crack.

Nice watch, fat-arm

If you like it so much why did you put it on a ham?

Genuinely cant tell if everyone is just playing along or actual newfags

well I'm a faggot, in that I take it in the ass on the daily

Holy shit. What kind of hoof is that?

You're fat

Rolex doesn’t mean shit anymore because every nigger and middle easterners is wearing a fake one and girls don’t give a shit otherwise if it’s fake or real

Hahaha, you've never been laid. Fat fuck.

This is 2019 Sup Forums for ya, post gore and shit on normie threads, become part of the change.

Reminder to sage btw

Ya bought it on the street and it turns yer wrist green. But what the fuck happened to yer fingers, mate?

I've got a real one and sadly this is true. Girls aren't impressed and the brand is so dilluted by fakes, it's pretty much pointless to own one if your goal is to impress anybody. That being said, if you like it because of how it makes you feel to wear it, then it can be a worthwhile investment.

Wait, people still wear watches?

I spent my money on my gym member ship you fat fuck and I get laid every time I want it. What now watch fag.


Maaaaaan this pasta is stale

my digital watch keeps better time than a wrist fedora

that's a nice watch you got there, really would suck if someone were to break it

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Rich fat pig. Still a fat pig.

Same here Sup Forumsro, mine was given to me and I've worn it a few times at functions. No one gives a damn anymore, people assume they're fake. I saw a fake breitling that was perfect for less than US $100 last time I was in China.

this pasta again

Boring, I only bought it for the collection, I love the Hulk tho.. but everyone here in switzerland has the black dial Submariner.

I'm mainly wearing my Brick anyways.

Yeah I wear Casio. You got me

Yes, because it is multiple times more efficient compared to fumbling with 6''+ smartphones.

Good job, fatass.

>Explain yourself, poorfags ;)

I don't spend money on dumb shit.

I use a watch to tell the time.

When you get a job and spend all your spare time working on annoying things a watch becomes worthless.

So fucking obese you can't even see his knuckles when he makes a fist. Am i supposed to be jealous of you diabetes. Hopefully your fake rolex pushes some fat into your brain so you stroke hard enough to never post again fag

ok Mr diabetes

I bought the Rolex Hulk last year, for 8300.- I could resell it for above 16'000.- ..... Rolex is an investment not a waste of money.

Not this pathetic thread again.

No you're supposed to be an obvious newfag

I'm not a worthless Chad

love ≠ money, vice versa

if you think money is love you're either a gold digger or trying to cloud out your bad qualities because you can't keep a girl for more than 2 days without ruining it by being awkward and not knowing what to do in a situation with a girl you like

lonelyfag out

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how do you lose your hand to obesity

come with a girlfriend and ill be impressed

Why are you worried about a stupid fucking watch, when you should be shoving supplies away for the upcoming SHTF scenario?

fuck i had to hide this thread or my girl would cum looking at ur rolex

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>flexing wealth for pussy
You're only ready to get cucked because your only trait is to be rich
You'll never find true love and will never gonna make it

Oh hello Ham Hand Fam, long time no see!

Yeah, If you’re a bitch...

why not IWC or Omega ? Rolex is pure bad taste.

>become part of the change.
I'll start with the celeb threads, using the /lgbt/ skullposter's pix of ultrahons. It would kill more boners in one night than a yellow storm.

$10 Chinese Faux-lex you bought on some shitty side street down town. Face and bezel are both cock-eyed compared to the case, 12 marker is turned slightly from the image of the crown, 3 and 6 markers both point slightly down from each other, instead of making perfect line across. Not an expert, but if I can pick out that much wrong with it, then fake as fuck.

Your fist always makes me laugh.

putting a Rolex on a ham is a waste

>mfw make $120k a year
>Mfw sitting in half a million in the bank
>Mfw still just walk around with my $120 G-shock watch
I don't understand the appeal of Rolex or any other expensive brand for that matter.

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Grape jelly or strawberry jelly, fat boy?

Dude, you're kung fu panda :)

>wasting money on jewelry
What's the matter? Don't know how to set the clock on your phone?

newfaggo defectedo


all these cunts taking bait
old fucking pic
mr ham hand from years ago
and he even said "almost got laid" making it clear that its an obv troll


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I swear I've seen this ham before

I want a video of your rolex actually working with timestamp or you're just a poorfag liar

Why does that yam have a watch around it, and why does it keep getting posted?

damn, i've never seen hands that fat

You're the kind of retard who washes his hands after a shower.

I will never be jealous of that hamfist

Post blood pressure and resting heart rate.

It's probably really easy to afford fancy watches, when you're fat ugly ass never needs to worry about taking care of a woman and kids.