Where's the trap thread

where's the trap thread

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what is that

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sweet ass

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More ass pics please
Who is she

Wickrme sissybambibimbo

Into being dominated and bambisleep hypno

mmmm more

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i can't go and see my daddy because my ass is too sensitive atm :(

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Then use your mouth, and post more butt

Anyone ever seen Carolina Ramirez and how fucking beautiful she is or how gigantic her cum shots are? She jerks it in a very bizarre way too. You all need to look up her cumshot compilations. Her O-face will make you cum alone

His cock will inevitably end up in my ass though

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Fuck, I know mine would

yeah exactly lol. He can't help himself and neither can i

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any creampie pics?

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Could I be your new daddy? ,3

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well that depends

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I'd breed you so hard

bost benis


you were a big inspiration for me when I started dressing

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Show me ur pussy


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mmm good

uhh here u go...

yep, hiya o/
I was? Awesome! :D

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i wanna suck your cock

What's your kik babe?

I'd love to rub our penises together

i know you do. It's a lovely cock.

I don't use kik (or any mobile specific chat app)

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mmm well ok ... but only if u make sure the balls dont touch. That'd be ghey

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we'll have to get together for a girl date sometime

do you have contact details? (we actually emailed a bit years ago)

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If I saw you in this I wouldn't be able to control myself and I would bend you over on the spot on fuck you right there

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Hot. Kik?

Lift up the dress baby

Hey babe, good to see u here ;p


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We did? Fuck me, i don't remember that lol.
Well presumably u still know my email address.....

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still @yahoo?

hehe, it was yeeears ago x

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yeah it hasn't changed.

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sweet x

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luckily i didn't cut my dick lol :P


I have one, yes...

what for?

I want to see more of you

it's been a while

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I do agree, you are just beautiful

I'd make out with your boipussi


though fair warning I dont use it all that much

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I wanna taste u

Sent u a mesage

Did u ever "surprised" a dude and if so how did they react? I would absolutely love to see more of you.

I do go out to swingers parties and surprise a few boys, yes

going to a greedy girls party tonight actually and hoping Ill manage to be centre of attention

>greedy girls party
Wtf is that

traps with big dicks reveal yourself!

Where are those partys, kinda wanna join in.

party for girls who want lots of dicks

this one is in extremely glamorous blackpool

Send me your kik if you want to see more

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already posted my kik ^^^

Have any ways to have fun together ? I really love how you look

>Have any ways to have fun together
What do u mean?

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AshleightCD from xtube??

i'd love that

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So cute baby. Can you spread it for me?

yes. Hello :)

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I would like it if you would fuck me very hard.

Maybe show yourself and we'll see if you can have my dick

Take the pain like a slut

thinking about trying to find a guy to fuck my ass on grindr, never had a dick in there but i want it pretty bad

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Got a kik or discord?

That's a convincing argument, Fry

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FUCK ME, hi!

Big fan here, you made a straight man craving girls with some extra, hope you are happy now :D

Love your vid where u get fucked doggy and get hard right when he enters you and start leaking constantly and cum handyfree.. and your moaning omg, that vid doesnt fail to make me come 0- 100 in only the video duration!!

I’m more of a sissy haven’t been here in awhile cause my Comp has crashed and I was locked out of my accounts

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Getting my ass cum dumped tomorrow at a sauna should be fun

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Rare to see red stockings

How are you guys doing this mid morning. I hope well

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7 am and imma bout to go to sleep lmao

I am so jealous, although I popped on grinder and got some hits. I’m wary though but this sugar daddy approached me he seems legit so I’m gonna do like a trial period is that weird?

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Oc= original content
Basically asking if that's you in the pic

Holy shit yeah I don’t know why the fuck I’m still up let alone posting I must be fucking insane I’m exhausted love

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Well thats just a dream, i assume u are from america or somwhere else too far away that would make it difficoult. And i am kinda fat, so i assume there will be no real interrest. I would still love to get used by you.