What is your first thought when you see this face?

What is your first thought when you see this face?

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Big loser.


Reminds me of egg

you look like lewis capaldi ate bees

Average looks. A good/bad personality and charisma will be the difference between being a Chad or Incel

I guess I'm tonight's Biggest Loser.

Punch that face in the wiener

you should smile

I'm not worried about that. I've just always been curious about what people think when they see me.
You can do better than that.

Northern; tired; needs a pint

You always are.

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Fight club.

Cat rapist

i think I face fucked it in a cubicle in Brixton on a sweaty night about five years ago.

The pale gloom of late Autumn in Finland.

Sad attention whore



Something like that.


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If you are OP, then yes.

Johnathan byers

It makes me wanna do a shidded and a farded

Christopher Myers

Finally, someone with the gall to call me out.

Never seen an episode of the show, but thanks.


legitimately better, your smile wasnt as creepy as i was worried it was gonna be
you seem like a pretty cool dude, although the eyes dont help.. but yea if i saw you on the street i'd think you're a pretty normal person, just a bit creepy because of the eyes but that's not a major problem

Poor mans Lewis capaldi

Yeah, I've always thought to myself: "If looks could kill...."
Most people have that kinda look when they're caught off guard when they meet eyes with me on the street.
Thanks, though.

if it's a trait you dislike, i think they have treatment sorts of things for those. like ointments and whatnot. although i have my doubts of their efficacy, it may be worth a try at the very least

He looks like one half of his face has been mirrored, it's unsettling.

Would love to see him sucking my 8" cock.

it's woderick the wapist wobber


Looks like he is very aware of how out of control women have become in our society where they have 100% of the power and men 0%. A women gets out of a relationship and is in another same day while a man it will take years

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Joe Viterelli

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I thought i was done with this thread, but I like this one.

Pretty accurate.

Which half?

Lol I bet I could get your attention with a jelly fish whistle


school shooter

noone else sees the resemblance?

I bet I'll be pretty close to that when I'm old and decrepit. loljk, we both know i won't make it to that point.

Never seen the movie, maybe i should spend my time watching it instead of wasting away on Sup Forums.

Don't tempt me.