Reminder if you don't have body hair you're a sissy

Reminder if you don't have body hair you're a sissy.

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I do but not like THAT holy shit

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Imagine having this much body hair and still being Hairlet. Sux when the roids take your hair but give you more lol.

Sounds like youre a fat piece of shit who will try to find anything positive about himself

I have even more body hair than OPs pic. It's pretty wild. Maybe one of you faggots wants to see?


Give me a moment to take a pic


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Reminder if you give a shit what other people think you're a pussy.

My chest hair is two inches long. I dare you to be even gayer than this.

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Funniest part is only fat old milfs like guys like this.

Boomer faggot detected

Fight me

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can i be a sissy for him?

10/10, would lay on your chest and caress you

nice dick, homie

That's peak ottermode right there. Holy shit

What's otter mode?

Slender frame + musculature + low body fat. In reference to the cylindrical body of an otter.

sick chrome dome

Oh, well thank you for noticing Sempai