Can you tell me what is so wrong about homosexuality without using memes or spouting hateful nonsense?

Can you tell me what is so wrong about homosexuality without using memes or spouting hateful nonsense?

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“Wrong” depends on where you are/who you talk to.

Its gay

Well I'm talking to you.

nothing, i think its cute.

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it's an abomination

You're not going to change homophobia on Sup Forums. Tell whomever you work for.

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What part of "without spouting hateful nonsense" didn't you understand?

I did not hateful nonsense is calling someone a faggot I gave my opinion so fuck off

Gay Niggas are Gay

Why is it an abomination?

You're very, very stupid if you expect a legitimate answer.

Because its absolutely disgusting and not human nature, we're supposed to fuck women, not another man.

Is he in that movie? Thats some horrible timing right there.

>Because its absolutely disgusting and not human nature
Not an argument.

>we're supposed to fuck women, not another man
Says who?

Muh "Supposed to"
Brainless christfag detected

Taking a dick, in the hole which was made for shit

Faggots, dykes and trannies are spreading hate-speech against heathly white people. They deserve fear and death !

80% of adolescent males have JO'ed with a best friend atleast twice. It's perfectly normal. 65% of females have pleasured themselves with a BFF girlfriend. It's perfectly normal.

There's nothing wrong with it.
What's wrong is the gay "persona" that so many homosexual men take on that glorifies sexuality. Its honestly just annoying. I think homosexualality is caused by extreme insecurities and is more about belonging to a group and grasping a sense of identity that someone might not have.
Unfortunately the identity they choose to take on is annoying as hell.
If you just suck dick but do t act like an obnoxious retard about it then it's all good with me

Show me where it's written outside of 5 million different religious texts written by a someguy.
Your comment has about as much credibility as "muh bible" someguy

if god did't want homosex he wouldna put the male g spot up the pooper - Gandhi

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Why do you even care? Its nobody's business who anybody else fucks. People have been sticking dicks in holes since time immemorial. If somebody is offended by your faggotry then they likely don't have anything better to do, or are insecure. Just don't be an obnoxious cunt about it

I don't give a fuck who fucks who - but i will never find it normal, and i hate how it is been forced onto the society. This just makes a counter- effect, and i am beginning to feel fag fatigue, and starting to hate you.

It's just one stop on the sexuality train.

Nobody's even mentioned the fact sex is meant for reproduction. You can't reproduce, so its technically wrong.

It's gay

It's actually meant to be male and female, what's the point to be homo or lesbian, if you don't can get kids it's TOTALLY POINTLESS

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From a biological standpoint it is wrong, from a moral standpoint I don't really give a shit. What you do behind closed doors with whoever you want to fucking do it with is your business. I personally have sucked lots of cock.

nothing at all, homophobes all have ooga booga brain

Spreads the most disease besides niggers. Its absolutely disgusting which is why faggots are killed in a majority countries.


No scientific evidence backs up what you believe though. The so called gay persona that you mention is the gay admiration of girls. That's where the gay voice come from. Homosexuality is caused by (so far current scientists believe this) mostly genetics and some nuture

Fake and gay numbers.

butts were made for pooping

Better survivability in cave men times

Anything impure is bad

All faggots need to be killed, We need a world wide purge. It's insane that faggots getting married in the U.S. can get tax relief when it's two working men, that money is ment for people who are contributing to keeping society going past one generation and Liberal states allow those faggots to adopt which is a punishment to the child of either being brainwashed to have a disorder or being molested or raped.

Kik Maidenpool

I got abused really bad growing up but I really need a older man to love and worship. Please message me, I could really use a friend, even if it’s a sexual relationship,

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There is no gay gene nigger. Its a mental disorder.

If your a homosexual and stay homosexual your whole life then you arent going to reproduce. Billions of years of evolution for your dna to end in one of the most retarded ways possible. You only have one goal in life and thats to reproduce. To decide to not reproduce is whats wrong. I dont have a problem with gays, partly because i wont have to deal with their faggot kids ever but to know that their dna wont be passed along. Also when i watch star trek I expect to see dax kissing seven of nine while the doctor cries to himself singing you are my sunshine in the corner instead of a nigger and an albino kissing because its [insert current year] and are supposed to accept and like gays and every way shape and form. Being homosexual is not the norm nor will it ever be so don't expect change ever.

Kys faggot

Risk of disease, suicide, lack of ability to procreate.

its fucking gay

There is nothing wrong with it, in the sense that it is not illegal. However, I detest the way that it is continually being rammed down our throats, by things like "Gay Pride" parades.
I mean, how would you feel if every heterosexual were to insist on holding "Straight Pride" parades all round the world and impeding public thoroughfares, civic facilities and services all the time?

Also, I don't feel happy about the way the so-called "entertainment" industry imposes so many gay performers on our television sets during meal-times:
I'm sick to the back teeth of cleaning gallons of projectile vomit off the walls and carpets, all the time.

You're an abomination

Nothing wrong with it

postin ass and "even if it’s a sexual"

I mean current science consensus believes it's genetic. That's all I really have to say, and currently homosexuality isn't label as a mental disorder under the dms-5 which categorized all mental disorders and is used by professionals to help patients.

One man's poop on another man's dick.
That's pretty gross dude

idgaf if someone’s gay but just to take a stab at this,

Those parts aren’t made for fucking. Nature made a place for your dick to go, it’s a mental disorder that you don’t want to do that.

Corrective rape cures it

I've got news for a ya bud. Most people are not strictly homosexual their whole lives. Bisexual is the norm

Why do you think there is so many gay/bisexual tendencies in humanity today? If it exists by evolution it literally is the definition of the norm.

Reproduction is the purpose of biological life. But when there are 8 Billion of us, not reproducing is also helpful to all of us.

Because all you want is kids right? We need more of those now that we have overpopulation.

And nah, people don't get horny when they don't want kids. No one has casual sex, it's just a way to make children. That's how god made you...

Ow wait, you're a fucking retard

gay guy tried to rape me when I was young and all the other ones I have met give me the same creepy look he did so fuck em faggets

So is wanting straight anal a symptom of mental disorder too?

Shots fired.

It's less homosexuality, and more what homosexuals do. There's nothing inherently wrong with fucking someone of the same sex.

They're barely 2% of the population, but are responsible for over 50% of all child sexual abuse cases. (NCBI study)

The entire lgbt movement is made of sick fucks who have no personality beyond where they stick their dicks or what they cut off. It's pathetic.

And the worst part is they pretend to be victims. They're one of the safest groups in the world right now.

tldr: You can be as gay as you want. No one cares. Just don't be a fag.

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Nothing I'm in love with a man and I dont care what anyone thinks.

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At least gay men aren't in denial about their faggotry.
They don't argue that fucking a sissy dude in a dress is straight.

2019 People confusing fetish with gender.
Wearing a dress and acting like a bitch doesn't mean you're a woman. Fuck you and your pronouns bro.

You can't hide from faggot remorse.

Fuck an entire group of people that are born that way (according to scientific consensus) because I had bad experience with some, is the most retarded thing you can believe.

>Straight anal

No,it's a sign that you are gay.

Do you have his contact info?
I want to be date raped by gays

You have no idea what norms and do you kid. I was talking about if you were homosexual your whole life you ape.

They're fucking annoying. As in the gay culture and way people treat them generally encourages them to just land up being annoying. You don't need to raise shit at every opportunity and I'm still going to call shit I don't want to do gay, end of. Don't give a shit that it offends you on some level, swearing offends some people and I still do it because I choose to.

I don't really care in general, it's nice to meet a gay that isn't a complete dropkick that is engorged in that kind of culture. Been out drinking with a few like that but a lot of the ones I encounter feel like they have something to defend from people like me and within that turn people like me away/against them. It's sort of like I wouldn't of thought twice about it and won't give you shit for being gay, but taking opportunities to bring it up and spotlight a point not even directly referencing it....meh.

It's probably hard though when your average college bro or derpy dickhead loves to talk about how much puss they've smashed or whatever. But I don't engage in that shit either.

>Rammed down our throats with a one day a year pride parade...

>Why isn't there a straight pride day?

The same reason there isn't a white history month and if you can't figure that out your brain is too smooth to be talking about this.

Corrective rape and other accompanying acts of violence can result in physical and psychological trauma, mutilation, unwanted pregnancy, and may contribute to suicide. Unless you goal is to kill the gays then it doesn't help. If your goal is to kill them and physiological break their spirits then raping them on the basis of who they are is the way to go.

Good for you faggots. I mean that with all my heart. Glad you're happy.

It's DSM-V and it's been politically manipulated. Western civilization since the time of Christ has recognized the dangers of homosexuality. Cultures around the world reject homosexuality including the Chinese, the Muslims, tge Russians, various African tribes... if savages in Africa can understand the dangers of homosexuality, surely you can wrap your mind around it.
Homosexuality spreads STDs at alarming rates. Harms society by removing possible mates from the pool and thereby limiting genetic diversity. It preys on children, it's the whole reason the pedophile acceptance movement is happening. It encourages acceptance of other mental disorders like transgenderism and pedophilia.

If they aren't born with it it's not genetic.
Therefore the gay can be prayed away.
Better put em in a camp with a bunch of other faggots

Sounds like you are a stupid kid thats not had friends on the school, you're so pathetic AAAAAND it's sounds like you want to be a useless homo, oh my god, i hate you and don't talk to me AGAIN

Then why isn't there an Asian history month, they were horribly oppressed and enslaved by the railroads.

There is no overpopulation. The population of the world could fit in Texas with room for subsistence farms. Overpopulation promoters seem to live exclusively in cities...

It's wrong because this frogposter thinks it's cute.

Sorry, I bailed on thread for a bit. But yes.

But again, I really have no dog in this fight, love gay ppl.

There were a bunch of studies a while ago that showed basically every human being regardless of gender has a physiological arousal response to photos of male AND female genitalia/porn. Regardless of whether they identified as straight. It showed people were biologically hardwire for bisexuality.

Theres also some evidence that suggests that homosexual and bisexual behaviors play a role in social cohesion and population regulation. As there is comparable evidence in mice and rats.

Gay people and bisexual behaviour is literally incredibly normal and it has been normal throughout history and likely has biological/sociological roles we havent yet identified.

I can totally get what you're saying that 'most people aren't exclusively gay and it shouldnt be the norm coz of reproduction and shit', yeah for sure. But say they're abnormal demon people in retarded. You're retarded.....if you think that.....

This is the most retarded thing I've read all day. If you can't accept the scientific consensus on what and what isn't mental disorder then I have nothing else to say. Also just because alot of people do or don't accept something doesn't necessarily mean they're right. Alot of people believe that Jesus was real, but in actuality there is no evidence that he was real other than the Bible, but to used the the Bible as evidence would be circular reasoning.

It is a sin. Period.

>Therefore the gay can be prayed away.
Observation: I am retarded
Conclusion: I sound retarded also.

Hey at least you're honest with you retardation.

Your God doesn't exist

I love the "population regulation" shit that people say. Has anyone heard of competition of resources. You dont get enough food and water ou die. Thats how it works. The tiny part that full homosexuals occupy of our population doesnt make a dent.

> >Rammed down our throats with a one day a year official gay pride parade
> and 365+ other days of unofficial public mincing around, grotesque preening
> & indecent molestation / "solicitation" of unnatural carnal outrages,
> like a flock of rampant cockatoos during the mating season...

Muh sky daddy said so in a book thousands of years old that couldn't possibly have been manipulated over the generations by mankind. That's why!

One day you will see how gravely wrong that statement is.

Show us empirical evidence that god exists and show us how we can reproduce that evidence.

It isn't my job to show you evidence. Only to tell you the truth.

They're alive and not dead.

You're not God. So you don't have to worry about it. You do you and shut the fuck up about sin. If, there is a God he doesn't need you to enforce his rules nor do you or anyone else really know what God wants. God didn't write any books or email anyone. So fuckin chill on your judgment because those that judge in life gets judged harsh at Heavens gates, fag.

I'm in love with my BF, but I am annoyed about his political activism. I'm as gay as it gets, and I find the same stuff very aggravating. I hate being lumped in with trannies.

The thing I hate mostly about other fags is the disrespect they have to straight people. It's the reason some of them get a voyaristic kick out of making out in public, because they know it annoys straight people.

Also I loath pride parades, they make every fag look like a sex crazed degenerates, and good touch naming it after the greatest sin of man I'm sure that wasnt on purpose.


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I think it's good that you are putting your retardation on display. It only makes it easier to round you guys up and get you the mental help you need.

Hmmm...So he was behind that...?

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Stop chasing your own tail. Hard facts are the truth and you dont have any.

This. Do what you want in the bedroom, but I'm fucking tired of having it shoehorned into everything. Pride this, pride that, fucking coming out day, pride parades with dudes dressed like twitch thots twerking in the street, drag queen story time. Jesus fuck! Enough already! Why does being a far have to define your entire life and being

why are you spreading disinfo trying to normalize homosexuality? I get that whether its right or wrong is subjective. But as a living organism, whats the point of copulation if theres no chance of procreation?

I didn't judge anyone or enforce any rules. I simply answered his question.

There was a straight pride parade.
Those people were severely harassed by a rainbow of fruits.
Told they didn't need a parade. That they should be ashamed of themselves.

Which ironically proves they needed the parade, that they're oppressed, and hated because of their sexual preference.
Faggots don't want equality, they want equity.

I'm for gay marriage. Faggots have the right to be miserable too.

I don't care if you're gay but if you try to shut out straight people for being proud then you're a hypocrite.

Straight pride isn't an attack on the alphabet soup community. But faggots sure love to lash out at the straights. Granted parades are gay and that's totally their thing but still. Straight people have the right to have a gay parade for themselves.

If you're only allowed to be proud of yourself if you're a mentally ill cunt or a shit skin minority then what type of future does that build the foundation for?

If you truly want a diverse community of people that includes the straights.

Otherwise you're just a bunch of generic faggots and you lose your parade and prides meaning. So do you want to be a generic faggot or some type of fabulous fruit?

That being said. The gayest thing a man can do is concern themselves with what another man does with his dick and ass hole / Want a parade.

>It isn't my job to show you evidence. Only to tell you the truth.
Let me say something is true without producing evidence that it is true