Post girls you fucked in the ass

post girls you fucked in the ass

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so good, does she really like it?

both of these sisters

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Whose better?

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She liked it dirty, same as me.

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slut picked up at local kareoke

older one sucked dick better

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Kareoke slut

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the younger one was way more slutty, threesomes, anal, gloryholes

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best day of my life

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Has no problem with ass to mouth as well.

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Couple times. She wasnt a big fan

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Doubtful. But she is cute

More pics for science?


Share more, user?

This ex

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Nice hips

cucks girl

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More pics?

met her in a club in the dominican republic during spring ass i’ve ever fucked

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Would break her

I did love everything about her body

Nudes with face?

This cutey

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Lol. Well at least you got to show her what she's good for.

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Both Of these at different times

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Sc from vid

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Was debating sharing more of her but goddamn incels crying wolf sure don't encourage a person.

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Friends daughter.

Fucked her mom too, but not in the ass.

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slut from school

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Is a man ?

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More screenshots?


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Ya atleast she gave it an effort

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Wife's cousin. Started with a couple vids I took of her when she showered at our place.

"Accidentally" walked in on her a couple times the next few times and she told me to fuck her and get it over with.

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Most of these bitches is so ugly when you get a blowjob it counts as anal too.

That just makes it hotter
If they struggle I cum way faster

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short, big ass

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It was hot for sure

Diff vid but she got the dig dp in this one.

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Lets see

More pics?


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Friend and wife of friend.
Spitroasted her with him and DPed her as well. Still fuck her tight ass on the side sometimes

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Mmm, got more?

Still gets me rock hard thinking about fucking her dirty ass, she would get so wet.

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friends mom, after her divorce

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Nice. Would you cum inside her dirty hole or would she suck you clean?

Where did you cum fucking her ass, user? Was she into it?
Keep posting if you got them.

came IN her ass. was a one night thing.her idea!

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She never wanted to suck it, but she loved when i came deep inside and when she was riding me she would push really squeeze and go really far down when i was about to cum. Loved pulling out of her ass and seeing it being a bit messy, she would sometimes jerk me off right after too before cumming when it was dirty.

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I'm diamonds. That's hot as fuck.

big Ds also

If anybody else had gfs or hookups who liked it dirty please do share stories or pics

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You think it turned her on making your cock dirty with her ass?
Sounds like she was eager to make a mess on you and make you cum.

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Any other assplay she was into? Post more pics if you have them user, please.

neighbors wife

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Paid an extra 80$ to fuck this escort in the ass after my two hours was up. Her pussy was better, but her painful cries and the tears that fucked up her makeup and made her look like the dirty whore she is got me off so good. Gonna book another session soon and see how much she wants to let me record her taking my dick.

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i mainly just fucked her ass. far as assplay goes

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She liked to talk dirty, and it was obviously making her very wet.

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Prove it. Please.

Can defo see why ya didna fux ther facez

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oh i did, this is a bad pic but yea they were 6/10 at best

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show her nude

What kind of dirty things did she say?
Post more pics if you have them, user.

the older one bad better tits

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Moar please. Both.

Story please user.

Watched her grow up and waited for a chance to see if she fucked better than her mom. Not as good at fucking, but a younger tighter bodied version for sure.

Her mom gave better head and rode dick with experience, though. Can't wait til the daughter leaves for college and I can fuck the Mom freely weeks at a time while the old man is out of town working

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volafile org / r / 11rmdyr7m

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Shit like "Am i getting your dick dirty baby?"

When we were really high and horny she i would tell her to shit on my cock she would literally moan and tell me to go deeper. She had such a sexy voice too so hearing her say it just make me so turned on.

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