Creating another thread. Closeted bi guy here

Creating another thread. Closeted bi guy here.

Rolling on X which turns me into a fag... Pics and webms I just took.


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dildo in ass

Post pics. Let's see what we've got to play with.

Wish I had toys

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You're the toy, bitch. Now go find something to shove up your fat ass.

I can try

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Pretty boy.
>Rolling on X
What do you mean by this OP?

Drugs ie ecstacy

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Ah, you've been doing ecstasy and that turns on the homolust, is what you're saying?
Spread your hole, take a close-up pic.

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>being closeted in 2019 when everyone will basically die just to prove they're not homophobic and will white knight for you with every breath

Fucking kek

Pretty good. You play with it often OP?

I doubt it user.

Only when high

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Do you get high often?
And how do you play with it?

why not take a dick? that ass is too fat to waste

Also I really like that webm. Real inviting.

Stay hydrated OP, nice ass btw I'd black it personally.

Only done it a handful of times

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It takes preparation, kinda inconvenient, so I understand. But boy you do have one sexy butt and pretty hole.

So how did you play with it? Fingers? Phallic objects?

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Come on now. Tease the hole with a finger.

I'm not teasing that thing I'm going balls deep.

Punch your dick and ass full force


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omg slow-mo

Or do that, Christ's sake just put something in already!

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There you go, did that feel good? Wanna do more? I want some more.

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Who else?

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guess it's just me for the time being...

me too keep goin, spread that bum from the lower parts of the cheeks :)

oc btw

my kik is texarubies

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Thanks. I Need to get pounded tho

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why don't you have toys OP? living with parents?
also are you still high?

Yes and yes

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Do they search your room?

Do you have anything to put inside?

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No and no

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You should show us your soles.

Why not buy some?
Show cock too, whether it's hard or soft. After the soles.

pump & bump

>That little crater housing the pucker inside the massive bubble.

I'm straight but I'd bang you in a heartbeat

>I'm straight but I'd bang you in a heartbeat
that's almost as sexy as OP's butthole
hope you stick around too

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this please

One sec

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holy fuck

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Saved dat ass

oh wow hun

damn that little shirt drop is hot, i'd fuck that ass in a heartbeat

Thanks everyone

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you put panties on? you boyslut

still here OP?


have you been fapping?

wanna fuuckk

last second bump

Still here Budd

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gorgeous :3
what is that object?
and also, so why can't you get a toy, OP?

Plunger lol

heh, crafty

I Neeeeed toys

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so what's stopping you from getting one OP?

hot as fuck

Meh I don't do this often

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Too sexy, would pump a hot load inside ass, and all over soles in a heartbeat.

but you do need that toy!

You have a very nice body.

I would bust OP's gorgeous cheeks


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god i wanna fuck that asshole until you've had enough
then keep going

I want a thick cock to stretch this hole out.

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fuck, my ain't thick OP... i bet if you post more often in these threads (wink wink) you'd come across some thick boy near your area

Sounds like fun.

If you're in the bay area i know id be happy to oblige


More OP
>Rolling on X
Six hours later, still on it?

why don't you put a couple of fingers in your butt?

Damn, i missed seeing you around Sup Forums
I jacked off to your videos various times

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OP a bad boy, should have linked the new thread