Whhat form of fighting is the most deadly and practical for street fighting?

Whhat form of fighting is the most deadly and practical for street fighting?

Not some peice of weeabu trash ect just been lifting and want to learn something if im forced to do cardio, have done boxing before.

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Pic related is me, am 6'2 and long if that helps.

What does the military learn?

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kung fu fighting

no u

Muay thai.

those kids are fast as lightning

in fact, they are a little bit frightening

but i post with expert timing

I'd say krav maga but what do I know

boxing and bjj or wrestling.

that's what all the top mma fighters do. not street fighting, of course.

practical? boxing
deadly? the fuck you tryna do, kill someone in a street fight? faggot


i shoot people with a spear gun, op

Street fighting = no rules
Just punch him in the balls or stab his eyes with your finger

No such thing as the "most deadly" fighting style. A talented mixed martial artist will knock a boxers head in 9 times out of 10, just like an experienced boxer would knock an amateur Muay Thai fighter into oblivion.

If you're asking what styles are general the best then

Stand up = American Boxing
Ground Game = Wrestling, Sambo, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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this, you are not there to impress and be a gentleman, you are forced to be in it and you have to get out of it. Attack the shin and run away.

Sweep the leg

suck their dick

Pak mei
Jiujitsu (no bjj)

beat the living shit out of him by any means necessary and only stop if you see fear of death in his eyes (unless you're a sadistic bastard then continue on regardless)



LMFAO oooo edgy faggot. Trust me if you came at me trying to go for my eyes I'd break your fucking neck dude. This is a good way to get someone killed.

You want to flail around like a autist in a fight go ahead, against someone who is trained you'll look like a fucking retard.

I think thats the general idea. Being so much of an autist that your attacker is dumbfounded about it, then doing some anime attack to seal your fate. Its the most deadly street fighting technique, for you