Rate my brand new toothbrush poorfags ;)))

Rate my brand new toothbrush poorfags ;)))

Its the genius X ;) worlds most powerful and expensive toothbrush

Technology is improving it litterally have an AI

Enjoy your cavities with your inferior toothbrushes

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>brushing my teeth
what do I look like, an American?

You poor faggot. Not even using the new mouth roomba.

How much was it?
People have brushed their teeth for a long time with out it. Couldn't you have gotten something cooler?

Rate my session

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Stop laughing

Rate my achivement

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This is the worst watchposting clone, yet.

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9/10 according to the app, but it's retarded to what point the technology has devolved. A personalised fucking app for a toothbrush so it tells you how well you brushed your teeth

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>tfw you need ai to brush your teeth

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Should i share it on facebook?

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>recognizes your brushing
sound like fire distinguisher tier to me

Shut the fuck up

look for camera hole
China will watch you brush, shit and shower through that


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>has android
Nice "flex" poorfag

Grow up kid

How does the existence of such a fucking gadget bait me? Do you get baited seeing any retarded thing throughout your life? Every stupid idea being flung your way?

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Fucking millennials

There's nothing more pathetic than tooth brushing achievements. Do you want an app for wiping your ass too?

Fuck off boomer
Your generation is shit

Want to try to say it to my face IRL?

Was this your reaction when you first found your solution to not getting a sore wrist from brushing your teeth. Must be bad when something that doesn't even take 5 minutes hurts you to the point of purchasing a cuck brush.

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i have exactly the same one found on sale on Amazon.

Never managed to connect it via bluetooth but i gave up after 5 minutes as it is more hilarious than usefull.

I'm quite happy to see how ludicrous it is. thanks OP

Shut the fuck up

Is for your anus?

Now a toothbrush is copy pasta..? Can we not use these sparingly at least, they have to be daily?

tbh poorfags have iPhone now.. it's a dying "has been" brand.. I'm not upgrading to 11.. looking at the latest Pixel XL or Galaxy Note instead.