Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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is getting Impeached

Lies won't fly
Its all a joke

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grasping at straws


>is getting arrested and removed.
Come on and do it. Start this fuckin' war already!!!!

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Which war are you referring to?

retarded criminal enemy of the country.

trump getting pissed on by commies, sandniggers, roasties is not enough
but i dare you to shoot a usaf drone in your airspace
youre fucked

>grasping at straws
They want to believe so bad......

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>this fucking desperate
Damage control failed, faggot. The orangutan subhuman is being eliminated.

>We really are going to get him this time guys

Autistic screeching for 3 years and you have over five to go

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youre delusional
he will be impeached and you bubbleboys will still think Q+ is the president

Its been all over faggot. Do your own nigger work.

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>muh faek nooz

Stop repeating the retarded shit that fucking shitgibbon says. There is no truth or facts in its inane babbling. You should know that by now.

>"Autistic screeching" posting faggot
Get some new material Jew York Faggot

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>Do your own nigger work.
When someone tells you to "Do your own (home)work" this indicates they are full of fucking shit.

prust the tlan!!!

He is being eradicated with extreme prejudice in 2020 if he's even still in office by that point.

He would lose an election to a leaf right now.

so stunning, so brave.

Civil war 2, the commie cleansing

love by all women

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I'm in America jackass & Obama is gone.
Why would I shoot them down

>being eliminated.
Ha ha. When is that Boris?

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Ah yes, the Republicucks dream of a Civil War.
Keep trying to threaten people with that notion though so you can sleep at night.
The second you step out of your house with a gun the Military is going to run you over with a tank and drive it straight through your double-wide.

You mean the Great Trumptard and Incel Purge of 2020?

>youre delusional
Will Santa come and take him away in cuffs? LMFAO

>Trump Rally

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Dust doesn't vote... Faggoid

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Verizon wishes they could cook the books and gerrymander shit to turn it red too.

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no bruh
the FBI

I can't wait to see it either. I hope they all go to the streets, and all of them get shmooshed.

trips of truth

>Dust doesn't vote...

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>this indicates they are full of fucking shit.
Unless the vid has been all over TV and the internet of course

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>so stunning, so brave.
Anxious, and excited to clean up the filth

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dindu nuffins

Dreaming of killing the double standard, and ALL the stupid fucks. Yes, ready to giter-done.

trump is a moron
didnt drain the swamp
let all the pedos got away
because of him now the democrats will elect some idiot to fuck up america even more
great job mr.emperor

>You mean the Great Trumptard and Incel Purge of 2020
From the side that doesn't even know which restroom to use....dreaming is what liberals do best

>Dust doesn't vote... Faggoid
Sure it don't

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>urr duurrr muh trannies
>muh liberals

You're not doing anything, coward.

Oh the honesty department. Yeah the secret service, and the military don't stand a chance. Can't wait for this blood bath.

How's Breitbart's traffic doing lately?

Cute, but dogs are smarter than Dump.

I'd agree with you except NY saw through this faggot and did not vote for him.

Except Staten Island, because fuck them....and Howard Beach.

That's a nice mound of bullshit you've got there.

Sure would be a shame if somebody....asked you for some proof...


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>Lies won't fly
& you are talking about Trump?

You are a funny guy

SAving this image. Thanks user.

You guys are fun to play with

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Waiting for the war to be official. Can't be charged with murder then

So, no link? Cool.

All media is biased.

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Go ahead and drive your car into people then. Start this shit, but I know you won't go near ghettos or metros.

You're like me, sitting at your keyboard and waiting. You won't fire when the time comes. Not to defend Mitch and Lindsay.


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The vid of him admitting it is out. You wouldn't look if I sent you a link. You maintain the official line no matter what.

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I've seen him say it multiple times. Actually getting tired of it

What ever you say kid

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THAT'S how you view yourself? You're a child. A child. A fucking child. You ain't doing shit. Quit deluding yourself.

Take another 22 minutes to grab an image and rephrase your response.

>won't go near ghettos or metros.
Don't get near them now either.

Santa training for the big day.

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>THAT'S how I view
the enemy.

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>Car wars
Ok Yoda

Best and only real modern day president.. Obama, bush, clinton all jokes who robbed the US

>You won't fire when the time comes
Thus far, I'm the only one in my lineage that hasn't kill men in war. From ww1 through nam. Are you sure you want take that bet?
I'd be fulfilling my destiny.


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Sorry if the truth = cringe to you.

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u mad bro?

Why should any American pay taxes if the commander in chief has not??

"I am the Traitor"

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Vacation Pics

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No, why?
Actually frequently laughing

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none of your ancestors was on Sup Forums
ur a degenerate fag unlike them
btw your ancestors lost every war they been on
what makes you think you gonna win this one

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how crazy do you have to be to believe the military would stop any impeachment
is that how you speak with ur redneck frens when you jerk each other off

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Then why is everyone sneaking in?

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I don't care which side you are on but this is cringe.

>burgers lost the world wars

>"arrest, and removal"

Read it again retard

Whoo!...think was him!?

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Post Discarded


Oh wow, my feelings are so hurt. This is violence

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The democraps are running out of options for president and they know it so all they can do is keep obstructing that's all they have done over the past 3 years.

Ask yourself what have the Democrats done for America and the American people over the past 3 years?

Pretty easy answer.

Terrible meme. Not even a bit of truth....well your truth maybe, but not based in reality. Just pathetic

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youre an uneducated mongrel who believes hollywood fairytales

>Trump cures cancer
That dumb nigger can hardly read HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA