Do you want to top or bottom for a beautiful tgirl?

Do you want to top or bottom for a beautiful tgirl?

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bottom, and give her all my Bitcoin and money.

I want to bottom so bad. I've fingered myself but that can be nothing like getting analyzed by a she-stick

Getting pounded by actual cock is divine. I'm white and have gotten fucked hard by a black guy before, but still waiting to add tgirl to my list.


I can only imagine

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also have been railed long dick style by that fire nigger cawk. Tranny dick is good too.

I want to be a shemale and rail guys and traps

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Both, in the same session

For me I am not really attracted to men but a fem boy or shemale gets me going everytime.

Would also enjoy a woman with a strap on. I think that would be my bigger fantasy.

Would you take this?

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I want to bottom so bad, ive tried grindr with no luck.

you're only fuelling them ya dummy

I want to top them

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I don't think physically possible


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Would love to top a teen Columbian tgirl with a big booty

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Thinking more like this.

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I've done both. TBH I prefer to top and she (inb4 pronoun shit) prefers to bottom but sometimes when her cock is rock hard I'll take it.

Your parents would be very proud user

>KYS you mentally ill faggot with folders of dicks on his PC.


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Fuck off. Let people enjoy things

they're dead, so...

Fuck off ya gay bitches. Be straight.

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I'd bottom but only if they were gentle and made me homo

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This is fun with the right person
Getting all the gay fun without going full homo

I've seen a few on grindr but they're usually just bottom or they want money.

Pic related: I've seen Jenna Tales on grindr. Wanted money and she was pretty far away so it was a no-go

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full homo is with a man that looks like a man

that pic is fucking gross. kys wtf.

>a she-stick

Top, slamming my cock into its hole while stroking its dick. There's nothing hotter.

>She dick is when a dude takes hormones and his dick turns into a slug. feels like soft rubber. not like man dick.


Both tbqh

You fucking mentally insane clown.

I am convinced 98% of people promoting trannies and gay shit are actually paid shills.

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Fuck off you beta faggot.

What thread to you think you're in?

Farrah Lovely

Whatever helps you sleep at night bud

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