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>Not a phone in sight, just people living in the moment.

So many browns about

There's like 4 people with phones out 9n the background lol

Europe is being trashed and our 'leaders' allow and encourage it.
>and one day for no reason at all Hitler came to power

jesus look at all the shit on the sidewalk

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it's only a matter of time

Hitler fucking trashed Europe too dumbass.

I think you'll find his opponents did that

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That the least faggiest CSD picture I have ever seen.

France has become the trash of Africa and Arab countries, Islamization works well ..... we even have terrorists in anti-terrorist organizations, cool

he started the war faggot, get original start praising other war criminals instead of Hitler, there are so many you could praise yet you stick with the unoriginal hitler.

I understood that reference.

>New Mecca 2019 colorized

no one praised Hitler, I was pointing out that levels of mass migration are making host populations more likely to be sympathetic to Fascist views. Germany didn't start WW2 the British encouraged by Zionists did.

yeah the zionists encouraged the brits to defend poland when the nazis were invading it. you ever just hear yourself? like again im telling you be original pick another war criminal to stan i can give you a couple off my mind


no thanks, I'll stick to Adolf and Stalin, thanks tho

Unoriginal... Obama did nothing wrong


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>Libya, Syria, massive increase in the use of drones
>not a war criminal

is that 50 cent in the car with the new york hat on?


>still talking about obama

its like your "god emperor"trump man is worse then you thought he was going to be and now your making yourself feel better by constantly bringing up obama and hillary

When the fuck did isl colonize France?

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I detest Trump as much as I detest all politicians
they're all self serving, corrupt, hypocrites. and only a fool would support any of them.

Im sorry Trump makes you think they are all equally corrupt.

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Beautiful, tan, swarthy Frenchmen!


oh right,the president who only got elected by people dumber then trump supporters and only because of 1 reason.his skin color

but go ahead and think educated people are going to listen to your political opinion

Ok so what there a lot of immigrants in France. The native french population are pussies so they deserve this. Praise Allah this is our soil now

boris is a faggot

silence trashbag

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Citation needed please, low information voter user

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