Not being vegan in 2019 is a sign of low IQ and incompetence

Not being vegan in 2019 is a sign of low IQ and incompetence

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Vegans are gay

this is some pathetic BAIT

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my brain hurts

>Note, being vegan in 2019 is a sign of low IQ and incompetence.


Vegan diets are linked to depression and IQ decline. Meat has specific amino acids that are crucial to proper brain function. Vegans also typically have lower fertility, and more cases of malnutrition.

The human mouth has evolved to accommodate thousands of year of cooking food. We still have canines for tearing apart meat. Typical predator teeth are meant for killing prey, not just eating.


after 20 years user discovered he doesnt have fangs and long sharp nails then he deducted he is not a wolf and started eating only fruits and grass and yeeting his brain out of the window

Dumbass, go play with crayons

>Vegan diets are linked to depression and IQ decline.
>Meat has specific amino acids that are crucial to proper brain function
>Vegans also typically have lower fertility
You're a brainlet. Do proper research and don't just parrot things your peer group said to you like a brainless retard.

The fuck is wrong with crayons? I guarantee they're infinitely more useful to society than you.

not an argument

Nothing, they're great. But you should play with them instead of wasting your last remaining braincells trying to argue things you don't understand.

Go to bed Stefan, no one likes you, your balding head or your bad breath

>Do proper research and don't just parrot things your peer group said to you like a brainless retard.
Nigga that applies to you too.
But then again, this is clearly a bait thread so do whatever you want.

be a hero user. pull the fucking trigger

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I already did my research. I'm not going to spoonfeed you and listen to countless retarded arguments from your side. You can either do the right thing and become a vegan, or you can keep doing the wrong thing and risk your health while you're at it. Not to mention accumulate horrible karma by eating animals that are literally tortured to death. Don't even try to defend yourself by saying some retarded crap like "oh, I hunt my own food" because we both know that's an obvious fabrication.

You can either do the right thing, or keep doing the evil thing. And if you can't instantly become a vegan, I understand. But for fucks sake at least become a vegetarian. Or don't - up to you. Just open your eyes to what you're doing for a change.

>this thread is bait
Yeah, everything in your life is bait. Because you ego is so insecure all it sees are baits, baits, baits.

Go fuck your cousin Cleetus

How many of these shitty BAIT threads do you open, soyboy?
None of the refutaitons you make are sourced either, you just posted a picture with major MISTAKES (if not lies).

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Oh, look. A literal retard trying to insult a 200+ IQ person. How cute. Go learn some trigonometry, Freddy.

>I'm not going to spoonfeed you
you made the claims,
the burden of proof is yours, faggot.

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actually, we can talk about tensor dynamics and probabilistic mechanics all day long, retard. Or if that's too hard, we can dumb it down to navier-stokes equations in predicting capillary flow.
Or, what was the main premise in the De Haven study that vegans are so fond of?
that is, assuming you're an actual vegan and not some faggotry troll who doesn't even know how to argue vegan talking points.

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You've done your research, but fail/refuse to provide any proof to back up your claims.
Literally the ONLY information that you've posted is a bullshit infographic which in no way, shape, or form proves anything that you said as the majority of humans don't exactly follow what is noted as being the food source. All it does is show much of a soyboy you are because it's multicoloured like a fucking rainbow.

>hes too much of a pussy to sacrifice a few useless brain stems for ULTIMATE FLAVOR
The virgin vegan, everyone.

chimpanzees eat meat as well

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>implying chimps know what the fuck they should eat

>implying that they don't eat all the meat they can get

>commits the naturalistic fallacy, with animals!
>probably too stupid to know what the naturallistic fallacy is

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Fuck off vegan ass piper

I illiterate, can't read what?
Eat bacon in bread, it good you silly boy looool

>giving a shit

ill eat whatever the fuck i want thank you

I became a vegan in 2011 and loved it since. You can get everything you need including vitamin b12 from a plant based diet and you will feel so much healthier and live longer by doing so, just remember to plan it right.

If the tooth argument doesn't convince you, just look at it logically. Can you picture yourself jumping on top of a cow and tearing it apart with your fingers and eating on it's insides? Sound delicious? I thought not. The reason why is because we are herbivores, sorry.

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You first, infographfag.

While the beginning of your argument actually might make sense, you ruined it with that burning-man-sized STRAWMAN fallacy, and you topped it off with the NATURALISTIC fallacy.
do you even know what logical fallacies are?

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> judging teeth and fingers on a species that thrives on making tools and weapons.

Okay, fucktard.

That's illogical.

Early humans wouldn't have access or knowledge to tools. Humans wouldn't be designed to need exterior tools to hunt and survive, if so we would be born with sharp teeth or long claws but we don't.

You don't see a lion hitting a buffalo with a stick to get its food, yourd just mad because you want to keep eating your disease causing meat.

>this ignorant of how human brains got so large 2 million years ago
>still tries to use logical fallacies, but too stupid to know he commits them

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Vegans don't exist. Vegans are the grim reaper of insect world. How many billions of bugs die due to insecticides, pesticides for vegetables and plants to feed the vegans? Its a fallacy, like recycling it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. It's another myth for middle class white Liberal cunts to feel vindicated in their own sanctimonious bubble. Its putrid

Apes have been using tools since chimpanzees, you niglet.

Homosapiens have been progressively refining the skill of tool making. Pointy rocks tied to sticks aren't that complicated.

What a first world problem. Little Tariq hasn’t eaten in two days but don’t eat that goat because muh feeels.

frugivores can be herbivore or omnivores, its a different kind of classification, so i dont see what your point here is

Appearances can be deceiving. Did you know that bears eat roots, berries, and bugs more often than they hunt animals?

...but all higher primates consumes meat to some extend. Just say'in ;)

I've been a vegetarian before, and it's a load of bullshit.
The day I went back to eating meat I craved that thing so much I ate a whole kilogram on the first day. Suddenly my memory problems faded, and my body began to feel stronger at last, after months of feeling weak.

That picture you provided proves nothing. Carnivore animals require the strong acids and quick digestion to compensate for the fact that meat quickly rots inside the digestive system if eaten raw.
We, however, have this amazing ability discovered fuck all how many years ago called fucking cooking food that allows us to make meat digestible for our bodies. And people use it quite frequently, up to today.
Surely, if you're correct, we've been eating wrongly for the past fucking millennia. I can only imagine the wondrous world we'd live in, were we to have been vegans from day 1.
Actually, we have an example of that, in your picture, right to the left of the human, they have been vegan since always, and that took them pretty far I suppose.


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