Would you fuck a Syrian girl?

Would you fuck a Syrian girl?

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Why not?

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It's a lot of ass.

if she puts that big plump ass on my dick, yes sure


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She's too fat to be Syrian, but yes I want to fuck a syrian girl

No, her family might be into honor killings and acid attacks.

Imagine how heavenly it would be to bury your face inbetween those cheeks

>not wanting your penis to be the reason a muslim slut gets honor killed

bitch i would fuck my own grandpa if it means putting my dick inside someone fuck i feel so

For the love of Allah Sauce plz

lol demm do it

Eh.... Nah? What the fuck are these girls asses? Fucking fat blobs? And I like fatties...

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I want to spread her cheeks apart, put my face in there and let them come collapsing around my face and drown in the avalanche of ass cheeks

That makeup and hair dye is atrocious.

Bump, for the booty

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shes fat

You faggots would die happy just having talked to a female that showed the slightest interest in you. Your setting your goals to high in thinking you will ever get your dick wet in actual pussy, much less getting to choose which nationality that girl would be. /thread