Why do liberals love war?

Why do liberals love war?

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cause we cant all be pussies. Grow a pair kid

No idea

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you literally have no idea what you're talking about lmao

The people who were the "pussies" would be you since you've been bitching about the middle east since 2003. But now suddenly you love war and are pissed off Trump isn't the war hawk you said he would be.

I literally do, kid. You done being a dumbass?

Link to the video?

user you weren't born when these men ruled
and they weren't liberals

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You're right they were RINOs. Still the topic at hand is about today, kid.

The Republicans started Iraq dipshit
>the topic at hand
your butthurt at being shown that your side is the warmongers?

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Nobody cares about Bush kiddo. We're talking about how your team is mad that Trump is pulling out troops from the toilet east. Are you all caught up now or do you need it explained to you again?

you weren't born yet

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fuck off gay russian troll

Remember when Obama destroyed Libya and supposed "liberals" ignored it? Sell out fucks are just as bad as neo con warhawks.

trump and his supporters are idiots,its a shame republicans tolerate them instead doing what they should of did years ago and kicked them out

I know you weren't born yet, kid. That's why I had to waste my time explaining to you that Bush was a RINO.

>nobody cares about bush

>except the president of the us of a who even himself said he hated george w bush and was against the iraq war

Your side started Iraq
you weren't born yet

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but along with gun control,i guess republicans just choose to ignore this because i guess a lieing pile of liberal shit named donald trump was better then a honest pile of liberal shit named hillary clinton

>no u
you're a shit troll lol

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>Everyone not on my team is a russian bot
That's not how it works, kid.

>He's STILL talking about Bush
Are you motherfuckers lost? You know it's 2019 right?

you both suck mushroom shaped cock

What "republicans" are you talking about kid? The fake ones who do and say the same shit that democrats do?

WW1... Wilson.. Democrat
WW2.. FDR/Truman.. Democrats
Korea.. Truman. Democrat
Vietnam.. Kennedy/Johnson.. Democrats.

But yeah it's the Republicans that are warmongers... *Sarcasm....

Exactly, Obama was a bigger warhawk than Trump yet liberals are literally trying to spin bullshit in order to bitch about it. Like saying the Kurds are "life long allies", when in reality nobody gives a shit about the Kurds.

because they're NPCs who are opposed to everything Trump does or wants to do

Your side started the conflicts in the Middle East user. Not "liberals."

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no u! : the post

when I see you trumpshits calling for major cuts in the military budget get back to me

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>Obama was a NIGGER

And who started Libya? Funny how you want to go back in time while completely ignoring all the warkhawking Obama and Hillary did. Keep posting though you make it more and more obvious you were born after 2010.

user are you serious? I don't like Trump but thinking Hillary is honest is laughable. Bernie should have been the nominee but the dnc was bought and paid for by hillary.

more like facts the post
but you republiturds don't believe in facts

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Do facts upset you kid?

Is this a female or a male?

was sanctioned by the international community user
nobody had to lie
or defy

Oh, she has tits so probably a female but on these liberal types gender is fluid

user if you don't know that Libya was approved by the UN you are underage

Trump increased the military budget user
you clearly aren't of age to post here


Again, kid, nobody gives a fuck about the UN. Just so we're clear, you only have a problem with war when it's not your team doing it?

Mods don't delete threads you don't like, kid. Head on back to pleddit if you need a safespace.


Stop writing kid asshole retard RR

It's just going to do it again
it's underage


they don't love war so much as the systematic obliteration of all Caucasians... including themselves.

once they are finally annihilated, there will be none left to applaud them for their self-immolation

Because they're stupid

Actually, he's an idiot hilljack.

You're close

What they really want is to rule among the massive retarded brown hoard with the few whites at the top

Male violence and male privilege cause most of the world's problems.

they just like to go against trump decision.

>male privilege

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