Anyone going to church tomorrow?

anyone going to church tomorrow?

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dont even know where the nearest one is

Yep men's group at 930 am

Gonna go to heaven?

use google maps you sinner

haven't been since my mom forced me to attend teen mass in high school. been having a big think about renewing my catholic faith, maybe I will.


kek hell nah

church of your moms pussy, lmao

No, I gave up church for Lent.

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I go every day. The church of b

Hail Satan!

Nope, going to work to support my family like a sane human being

no, I was at Temple all day today.

Is that a young Shroud?

>going to church


yep, first united methodist

No, Not even when I'm dead

aye, 10:00am

>united methodist
sound like an 80s synth pop band

I haven’t been to church in like 10 years


Look in the bathroom tomorrow. I'll be getting fucked on the sink.

i am

Found the pedo

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