Hey Sup Forums anons, I have just one question. Please answer this:

hey Sup Forums anons, I have just one question. Please answer this:

Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there, Sup Forums?

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Clown world matters.

where is out there? you mean /out/? or in (((society)))?

It's getting crazier. We're in the transition from good times to bad times.

You see, strong people create good times. Good times create weak, shitty people. Weak, shitty people create bad times.

Fortunately bad times create strong people...so things will get better eventually unless the weak, shitty people finally end the cycle and destroy everything.

Has been for years now, stay safe user

thanks user, for giving me the ultimate redpill

thanks, you too!

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It's getting really fucked up. So fucked up in fact, that everyone is on the same page for once. That things are fucked up, of course

especially since 2015/ 2016

everyone is smelling their own balls and the stench is too much to bear. awakening is upon us.

Yes. Believe me, someone who lives in a strange part of America, no one is safe from this.

We are at doom's gate as a society. You choose, every day, how close we get to falling in.

Choose wisely

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America's politics is greatly polarizing.

See this YouTube video for yourself:

The world has always been butt-fucking crazy. What's changed is that we've now adapted to getting pretty much all the news from everywhere. Even a few decades ago something weird happening outside of whichever country you're living in probably wouldn't have hit your local front pages unless it had a serious effect on your country. Now though you will get all of the crazy shit that happens everywhere loaded up for you on your preferred news site (assuming it doesn't oppose your favoured news companies agenda) all ready and waiting for you every time you check it.

That being said though the world stopped making sense at the end of the cold war. The world has been looking for another big confrontation to help everything make sense since then. Islam tried to step up to the plate for that one, but it turns out that they couldn't follow through and that's kind of dying at the moment. China or Russia (maybe both) could possibly take the place of the old USSR, but we'll have to wait and see how it plays out. Don't worry, we'll be back to that comfortable sweet spot just below 'brink of the apocalypse' before you know it.

Yeah it is. We're getting more fucked up by the minute, and it's not going to end well

yep, you are pretty much correct and the most important this is, it is becoming right in (((front))) of our eyes and we (((pretend))) that everything is (((ok)))

We're not anymore, at least not in america. Everyone is freaking the fuck out and getting way too polarized because they see how far one party got to having complete control

trips for truth.
well said, user!

the upcoming 2020 election will be like a nuclear psyop warfare, entirely fought through Internet.

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Just vote for Yang, user. Things will get better.

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It's literally going to be the Cosmopolitan Socialists vs the Nationalist conglomerated Right wing

I hope the civil war happens within 4.5 years
What do you think?

>implying it won't on this 2020 election
mark my words: 2020 Internet War is coming

>PBS is saying polarized media is driving our opinions

Every news outlet including PBS is biased to the left

There are only 2 major outlets that are right wing biased (fox and breitbart)


2020 will be war. With guns and with internet psyops, like 2016 only honkler has a gat

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stay safe user

We're all going to be safe. Vote well, and nothing will happen

Fuck that shit
Voting can't fix anything because our government is broken

Majority of people voted for a wall
The wall is only 0.5% of the total federal budget and the government wouldn't allow Trump to build it

Meanwhile, the US is giving $38 Billion to Israel

The Revolutionary War was fought over less

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Yeah it was. The americans are weak and unable to act. They've been crushed by years of inaction and patience, trust in the system. That's what Joker was about if you haven't watched it yet. Israel? The Wall? 51% of pay going to the state in some places? All reasons to do something, anything but we never will.

Vote well. That's all I can really say. That's the only thing that can make a difference

yep, i hope so'

the greatest democratic country on the planet is on brink of becoming next China

Always check facts first, rather than Leader

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>Vote well. That's all I can really say. That's the only thing that can make a difference

Buy a gun and have a clean water source off of the grid.

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triple checked my nigger, i'm a peace and love hippie but i'm not some idiot without a backup plan

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bumped for the society


well, did you traveled to Summer of Love?
What thou shall sow, is what thou reap

haven't heard that one, i'm just another guy trying to make his way in a fucked up world of animosity and general incivility. Kinda want to play guitar at uni, sing some fleetwood mac, and remind people of the chill 70's political argument. Those people won a lot of arguments with peace

>This is my boyfriend, since we are having this dinner I took the opportunity to introduce him to you and mom
So said the teenager girl to her parents, besides the hobo looking guy

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that's happening more often than you might think. the sexual revolution has completely brainwashed an entire generation of women, turning them into unmarriagable whores or land whales

Yes, it is very sad that most people joke about Hippies but they just only want to spread peace through love, kindness and unity

you just replied to a spam, kek

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They turned into retarded animals after their heyday in the 70's. I want the good ones back

still pretty on topic for bait imo

I dunno... China looks pretty great. They are cleansing their muslim and gay population from existence. Their government completely sensors out all the SJW BS, and they block all foreign country's propaganda from the internet. Oh and there is like, way less mexians and black there.

i'm just messing around
the hyena poster is the spam

We don't want china in america

please leave America and never come back


he says,while posting on technology built by the chinese

maybe you inbred hicks can stop abusing opiods and meth and start making your own products.until then,keep being china's bitch

>Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there, Sup Forums?

Donald Trump just handed Erdogan of Turkey a blank slate in Syria, and they're now even attacking US Military positions.
Yet, the conservatives and military types still support Trump.
Yup, at least 1/2 of the USA is completely batshit crazy.

What's DOD?
What's DARPA?
What's CERN?
Who's Tim Bernes Lee?

Kek, you are more Scizio Retarded Faggot than that hyena poster

Lurk more

> >Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there, Sup Forums?
>Donald Trump just ...

Yes OP, it's getting crazier out there because millions of people have Trump Derangement Syndrome. He lives rent-free in the heads of perpetually unhappy people who can only speak in talking points.

>Trump Derangement Syndrome
>the thought that all this shit is completely normal and there's nothing to see here

its just getting crazier in here and out there

dont let it get to you bb

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the human world has always been a terrible place, it's not getting any worse because that's fucking impossible



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I'm about to be 46 and I can tell you that it's getting worse and worse.

yes, it is

but the important question is:
are you prepared for it?

finally someone who agrees. less zoomers, more boomers

stfu, you know shit, you are repeating memes.things are better than ever. you fucking problem is that sience not every single people agree with your cult, Which ever it might be. you think people or the system is against you. you are a nigger, most likely a pale nigger, you guys are the worst.