Anyone have the screen shots of the texts between them lol

Anyone have the screen shots of the texts between them lol

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>the internet is forever baby girl

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Yeah, got everything

> (OP)
>Yeah, got everything
p-post i-it sempai-kun

if that wasn't fake that is one of the dumbest niggas I've ever seen.

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>wow, this guy is really good at arguing about memes on the internet
>now, what would a sane, rational person do in this scenario?
>[sends nudes]

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Nice, retard.

zoom and enhance pls

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Someone post the wins

uh josh kinda sounds like a faggot. also did anybody find his fb yet?

too ez. did not even hide.... think he was not a common Sup Forums user.... now prolly on full damage control.

he was a normie. he rly messed up and im glad. at least he will now feel some justice, and hopefully that will lead to him changing his philosophy. sick of these toxic masc sad bois

ask the girl to post his nudes on Sup Forums in revengeance

Reddits that way virgin

post some of them nudes

aint reddit fag
this shit fukt and u know it is. sick of these girls bein exposed for legit doin nothin that bad. she doesnt deserve to have her whole life ruined for what she did.

You seem lost

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how wld u feel if u were that girl?

>life ruined
you overestimate. after a week max everybody gonna forget

Fuck off white night. Sup Forums ain't for you faggot


Maybe dont send nudes to people who you are going to break up with for wanting to talk to you then.
Just a thought.
>dont be a whore

at least a lil longer than that. at the bare minimum her name is gunna b fukt when looking up for a while

Probably his first gf, fell for the 24h-48h block sessions girls sometimes do before they come back to you. And he fell for it a bit too hard.

dont wanna leave Sup Forums to b the incel toxic circlejerk it is

So she ghosted you... so what? Find another girl.

well, she shouldnt have sent her fucking nudes to a guy. Who was funny, cuz he allegedly argued over memes

ye ik bit of a rip to him. he still shldnt have done that tho

she didnt necessarily break up w him but i somewhat see ur point. also tho, just cus u send nudes, that doesnt mean ur sending it to every1. its a private exchange no?

just bc u send images privately to one person doesnt mean they have the right to share them w everyone does it?


kys pls

How pathetic. You're prolly a cuck

nah, i just dont think dudes should think they got such a "power" over grils that they can publicly destroy them just for having their lil soy hearts broken

shut up soyboi


its only fair

oh fuck off, you also wouldnt hand a knife to a meth addict in some dark alley at 1am, while looking into your wallet and younting aloud 1k 2k 3k ...

fucking snowflakes everywhere. go to your safe space.

Not being a dumb bitch would have prevented this from happening so no sympathy here

arent you just the supreme gentleman?

If I download shit over internet I've right to use it. Just like a toaster I get. I can use however I like

now she's got a career in pornhub

If you're gonna make a screencap put the quads in

thats bullshit, it will be talked about for a month at max, and then everybody will forget it, years go by and everybody will be laughing about that one time in some 10, 20 years

kek i agree kinda

He's a tryna act white knight to get pussy which will never happen

Heyy!...he was behind of this...

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i think the problem is all us are not owning up to how soy we are. we gotta talk more abt our feeling so we dont rage out and do sexist shit like what this dude did to this girl

i dont get the analogy, can u better explain it pls, thanks user

only till you break up

is this the incel thread?

aint tryna b a snowflake. i dont need a safe space. i just think ppl shld have more respec for other humans. you feel?

*Tipping intensifies*

what do you mean by not being a dumb bitch?

I'd feel my boobs

no and i aint claimin i am. we all got our own issues in different department.

Can one of you hackers do this? Also unfuck the last text picture pls.

Every thread is an incel thread you ignorant fuck

nah but its dif when it already on the public internet. i somewhat agree w u there. I dont agree w u being able to have full control with what you downloaded in a private 1 on 1 convo you had w someone

I agree that she didn't deserve this but making and sending nudes is dumb anyway.

Trips have spoken

This is just a dumb dindu nig that has a victim complex. He sees everyone as a victim and not responsible for their actions. Move along everyone.

Ervin Gockley alert, we found him. You type like my dad and you sound like a faggot

lol, sure buddy nice bait.

do dumb shit when stupid prizes

>i didn't like the way you were clingy
>right thing to do is pretend you dont exist

anyways, who's got the convo with her mom?

just because youre an incel doesnt mean we all are


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Who gets to decide what's private or public? Internet can be never be private you shitface. If it's digital. It's already public, just hidden

wasnt her choice tho :/

Post all her pics. What are you doing

negative, fuck people

treat em how they treat you

Oh damn such a beauty beeing destroyed without reason. Just because of some clingy fuckhead missing those tits

he should just kill himself at this point, really.

Dont wanna know how bad he is going to be beaten up

sure, but think of all the stress and pain its causing her. no one should have the right to that either

im not tryna play nice guy, aint expecting shit in return. not everything is for pussy fag


bet hes writing hillary clinton in for 2020

how? just because you no longer talk to a friend, doesnt give you the right to share all of their personal life secrets right?


fair enough

when life hands ya lemons

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somebodies on his period

i cant deny i sound like a fag, who is ervin?

Meghan that you?

>the cringe
user, what the fuck did I do to you?

thats the society we live in, whether its nudes or not. people always no longer talk then run their mouths and tell everyones shit

of course not you though. i already know thats your answer

ight i guess if thats ur view cant change it


idk bout that. when you message someone something, you do that rather than posting it online bc you only want them to see it right? dont you then have that right to privacy?


>sending nudes online
She got an education user. That's important.

i dont think so, shes probably in too much pain to be online rn


This kind of explains why she ghosted the kid. Mental illness is a sad thing.