I'm a college professor

I'm a college professor.

My students don't know I have a tiny dick and one ball. Ask me anything.

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What subject?

Got any more pics?

>My students don't know I have a tiny dick and one ball

Why are you keeping this from your students?


Can’t you just make a potion to grow your dick?


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Maybe they'll see it here

I'm impotent, so viagra is my magic pill, lol

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On top of all this, you're a fucking ginger to boot. Talk about getting dealt a shitty hand. Hey, at least you're not a nigger.

Would you like your students to know? Or a specific one

And if they knew, what would change?

Have you ever had sex? If so, what was her reaction and did she enjoy it?

Just because nobody is touching that thing in this century doesnt mean you shouldnt shave.

And jfc thats the worst cut Ive seen in times

I want to blow you

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Is it because they're all so focused on your hand that has only three fingers?

Wait what the fuck I didn't even see that

What’s your PhD in?

Do you find it funny that you have one testicle? I fucking do

That looks like my cock. Are you hard in this pic?