18+ girls you know that you have nudes of that you don’t want to share, but also kinda do.

Anons convince us to share them

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wow her ass looks great. can i see it naked

she’s the cutest i’ve seen in a while. i’m only home for 5 more min. i’ll keep refreshing for 5 min.

dude pls


this is all im doing

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OP is a faggot claiming pics with Sup Forums numbers.

Here's an interesting view of her ass

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kek that is an intersting view

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; )

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these are not the same girl as

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any more?

this one got me

which one would you take home and fuck?

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probably the one taking the picture

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daaaamn how old?

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She needs cum on her face! Show more!

I'm worried the tits are disappointing

Try hard guys!

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Well, she certainly has peaked my interest

Start slowly, let’s at least see her without the hat? I’m sure you can do that OP?

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Now that is a face and a pair of tits I want to see!

Do you have her nudes?


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thats cute skype sex?

is she your gf? ex?

Definitely going to need more of this one. Wow.

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Yeah during the long distance phase and ex

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Damn she's fuckin' hot. I'd love to see more skin than that.


i think skype sex can often be way hotter than real sex it's kind of messed up i think that but whatever

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Gonna be really sad if I don't see her tits

Show us the tits!

No kik. And i get what youre saying. Theres a level of lust that cant be replicated in person because you cant actually fuck on skype. Fag

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convince me

Do it so I can cum

yep it;s the teasyness tht gets you

oh and also ive fapped to this slut before kek

do it

why not?

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Tightest pussy ive come across. She needed to be broken in every time i visited. Kinda enjoyed the tears as fucked as that is

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Lets see that tight hole then

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Cute slut. Dying to see those tits.

u got signal?

Is her name Amanda?

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No. Kik or wickr

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>send ur wickr

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I really shouldn't

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but she's perfect. do it

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What makes you say that?

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beautiful eyes and smile

Too innocent to expose you'd say?

Damn user. She’s got some crazy milkers. Post more of her

Holy shit she’s a dime. Moar of her?

She looks like she’s dressed to be someone’s cum slut

she looks as if she trusts and loves the person she sent it to

Not a nice way to ask user.
What if shes too shy to show them willingly?

She looks great topless. send me ur wickr users

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Want her?

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Definitely wasn't me

Damn post her tits. She looks like a great slam pig and a cute face too

Why not

yes plz!! bet shes a great cocksucker

You think?

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Got damn she’s sexy. Those pants are asking to be ripped off of her. You should post her nudes user. It’d be a public service


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no, I cant! she trusted me

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