Hey guys would u fug my gf

Hey guys would u fug my gf

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No, since its yours.

hell yeah, nice holes!

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's waifu.

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How do we know that's your gf?

Will post ass spread in 10 comments :^)

I can timestamp her ass

lets do it

ill stick around.

i would drown in that if i could

do it

nah man

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Wouldn't cuck you, OP

nice big ass

Show boobs too


Put your dick in her and keep posting pics.

Cum on her ass and post that too, pl0x.

pretty jealous man

you want to watch her get fucked?

Okay OP you got me.

Are you guys a swinging/poly couple or is this just a fetish thing....

Also would fug her, good ass, seems submissive.

can she spread those delicious lips for us?

Yes, please.

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I would fuck her in a car
I would fuck her in a yard
I would fuck her in a shed
I would fuck her and then wed
Your girlfriends pussy looks so sweet
I'd lick her cum up and fuck her tits
I wrote this stupid fucking rhyme
Out of my day it took some time
I don't know how this poem should end
She is a cutiepie

No swinging, she just likes to show off

god i wanna cum on those


Not OP, not a cuck

ill come fuck her, and we can trade gfs.

no, tell her to lose some weight.

Ever do couple shows off?

I think a spread em is due.

whats her name?

OP delivar

Got any pics with cum on her tits?

OP has abandoned us and is just a tease

Nice trips & he's gone

Nah, I was clapping her poon

Pic dump in a bit

Awww yeah

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Need a video of you fucking and cum on her face

Nicee one Elon...Nice one!

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Cocker in

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I love when they do that with their hands.

Just right for her ;)

Here's a spread one

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Here's a special one

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Got any with cum on her face or tits? i'm about to cum

fl? if so I might have already

LOL... That's what she tells you.

yes and in both holes

Nose ring.. She has aids.

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post navel

Agreed that nose ring is no good, but OP's oc is appreciated


Jesus Christ, you know bar rhymes with car, right?

Let me fix this for you.

>i would fuck her in a car
>i would fuck her in a bar
>i would fuck her in a shed
>i would fuck her til she's dead
>your girlfriend's holes look so sweet
>they would look better filled with my meat
>i rewrote this rhyme to help user
>who wrote it with a fucking crayon
>this is how this poem should end
>i want to fuck fuck fuck OP's girlfriend

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Well done, user.

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Here you go navel man

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unmask her


do you put it in her pooper

OP I thought you abandoned, came back to 30 updates.

You gotta finish in her man.

at least a thumb in the pooper man

Cute tummy.

Are you two from socal?

I creampied her hard

We're going to head out. It was a good time.

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thats hot

but a better camera incel

U fucking serious? Her vagina is weird to say the least


gj op, thanks for delivering.

Thanks for delivaring OP, have a nice day

found the virgin

I wouldn't just fuck her id steal her ;D

Well i felt bad about my dick being so skinny but now I don’t feel so bad

Oh look. It's another judgemental low self esteem beta male

We may post more next week, she'll be bring her toys

Maybe some more tonight, but (maybe)

Lovin those big lips

i would

Does she not own a razor?

Beautiful asshole but your dick is too small sorry bud :(