Have you ever tasted your own cum?

Have you ever tasted your own cum?
What did it taste like? Did you regret it?

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Tasted it once, never stopped after, every fap I lick any that got on my hands.

hated it. disgusting.

tho when there's a big drop of clear precum that comes at the top of my dick, sometimes I like to lick it off of my finger or spread it all on my dick as self made lube. It turns me on a lot.

can't say I regret tasting it, now I know it's useless to force a girl to swallow it, cause it tastes like shit

Cum doesn't "taste bad" you're eating shit that makes it taste bad. Try food with pineapples and or honey. It will turn out good then.

cum tastes like bitter bland salty bleach, no appeal whatsoever

I was experimenting with how fruits and shit (especially pineapples) change the taste, it never is the same. Also figured out that restaurant pizza makes my cum taste like shit, kind of like burned crust. Worth experimenting since my GF loves to suck my penis!

every time, mostly because i'm gay as shit, it's also a decent indicator if my diet is good or not. ideally precum should be sweet, cum should be only a little salty, and have a mostly consistent feel and flow.

im curious, how do you know how long after you have eaten should something start happening?

a day or two, drink lots of water


Why don't you try it and tell us how it tastes, fag

sike nigger you're gay

>Have you ever tasted your own cum?
Fuck yeah. As soon as i could shoot it
>What did it taste like? Did you regret it?
Tastes good. Very thick. Has a kind of sweet strong taste. Zero Regrets.

Been slurping it down like a thirsty fag boy since my early teens. Cumming into my mouth and not swallowing, just twirling my tongue in it and savoring it makes me so horny I can cum again in seconds if I choose to. I've even started shooting loads all over my food and gargling the stuff since it makes me feel so fucking slutty. Love being a cumdumpster, hopefully my future bf or daddy will value that trait in me too.

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tastes good

Have any of you guys ever came on your own food and ate it up? Pic is not me but honestly I find it so hot it will be soon.

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How the fuck do you get precum often
I've only ever produced precum while edging, and the amount is always negligible

No, but I dated a police officer once who liked me to cum in his coffee every morning.

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I did something similar with a girl however the drink switched often and she had no idea I was doing it

My dick looks like yours except 3x bigger

I was asked to do it

That's nice user

tried once, and it didn't really taste like anything.