Sissy Bimbo Thread

Sissy Bimbo Thread

Talk about how much you wish you were a bimbo sissy or how much you want to fuck a bimbo sissy

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I wish to be a sissy bimbo cock slut so badd!!

have you realized you are a failure of a man?

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Yes I have!!

Post bimbos you want to become so men are attracted to this thread.

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why do you want to be her? Specify the reasons.

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Just having the perfect figure and being ready for any men!

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No, there has to be more to wanting to be a bimbo. Prove you're a bimbo.

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Oh my, OP, you must have a greater collection to keep a thread like this alive.

As an aspiring bimbo sissy I must make sure I have pictures of what I want to become

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I wish i was a blonde bimbo trans pornstar slut who lives on sugar daddies

thats my dream

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Good girl, post more bimbos and tell us more

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you want a man to do this to you?

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Im done being a man, I want to look like this.

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I'm not cut out for hard work. I'd much rather let someone provide and reward them sexually. The only decisions I want to be making is how I want to look for the day

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That's such a good mentality. You want to be a good girl for daddy.

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I want to bimbofy young, shy and intelligent women and turn them into dumb, fake-looking sextoys

Fake fuck whores...Red alert red alert.. silicon

how about shy and intelligent boys?

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pump me up daddy

This used to be a boy.

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Now I want to be a black tranny.

men make the best girls

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I wish I was the black haired sissy...

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holy fuck hit me with the sauce sir

Her name is Kayla Lauren. This could be us btw...

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Sexy sluts

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Which one is your favorite?

Kayla Lauren


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