Logs you shouldn't/wouldn't share, also log rate thread, WWYS (what would you slidde) and log tribute thread

Logs you shouldn't/wouldn't share, also log rate thread, WWYS (what would you slidde) and log tribute thread.

Starting with Andy Sixx.

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43 years old and still this immature.

Hehe, stinky

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What the fuck is an andy six?

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Andy Sixx was a character in the 80's british tv show Minder. He ran The Winchester Club and would often serve up logs of his own shit to Terry and Arthur instead of beer and spirits.

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Yes, you may be 43 and still immature, but that can be fixed. All you need to do is take his huge, hot, sopping loaf done your throt and you will have magically attained age.

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warm fucking shit logs.

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he produces warm creamy, dreamy n steamy shit logs that will clog your throat.

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Nice! The captains log looks yummy

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rolling for dubs

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logging in

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so this guy is a log meme now? I actually knew him in high school, we played runescape together when it was fairly new. Whats the joke behind him enjoying a log of shit?

Andy Sixx is no stranger to shit. He has been shitting in the mouths of his fans for nearly 6 years and when he sat down with me for his first interview since a really horny fan managed to suck so hard on his asshole that food he hasn't even eaten yet came out, he was quite homely and humble as we all know him to be. I was excited, and just for me, he ate a deadly but delicious combination of jalapenos, curry, Whoppers from Burger King and clam slidders from White Castle.
"The incident is something I will remember for the rest of my life," Sixx told me doing up his trousers after I had just sucked a massive fucking warm creamy MONSTER log roll out of his asshole, like this thing was massive, man. It was weapons-grade, I'm telling you. "I know they were a fan and everything and really excited for the opportunity to have me drop a big one down their scrawny little throats, but I don't know. It got me thinking, you know. Maybe I should take a break so that I can recover from it."
Andy is usually pretty brave, but the phenomena of food that he hasn't even eaten yet spewing out of his asshole by someone just ruined him mentally and has supposedly taken a small break from his log of shit duties which I totally know would not be permanent by any means.
He has since recovered and has doubled the number of logs of shit he allows his fans to suck out of his asshole on a daily basis from 3 to 6. I had even asked him where he even finds the time or the food to produce 6 logs of shit in one day. That honestly can't be easy.
"Nobody said it would be easy, but it was something I must do. The log of shit must continue sliding down the throats of the fans and I must do whatever I can to keep up with my fans. They are my flock, and I am their shepherd who shits down their throat every day".

that is fucking HOT

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Andys logs are the only things that keep me going

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Rolling for captain's log


Shit in my mouth Andy

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Hehe, stinky!