Why do republicans want our troops to die?

Why do republicans want our troops to die?

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Lol, what did the Kurds ever do except always have our back for 80 years. Suckers.

Kurds are communist muslim assholes who attack christian militias in iraq and syria.

0 american troops have died protecting the kurds from turks. Though since the american troops left over 100 allies and civilians have died combined and 10s of thousands of isis captives might be released. good job americunts!

except kurds doesnt have one religion and is made up of different ones but majority are suni muslims yes. but they have christians and others too.

Since when did republicunts become the cucks

USA is a NATO member
Turkey is a NATO member
Kurds aren't a NATO member
USA has no business there whatsoever and Trump fixed that.

sound like str8 bitches my nigga

Turkey should be removed from NATO.
The USA should leave NATO permanently.
Its not needed anymore, the Warsaw Pact is gone.

Except who tf cares about christians?
I mean just look at evangelicals, they sure as fuck don't care about other christians

The US should cut all ties with so-called “allies”, leave NATO and the UN and close all borders to prevent anyone or anything entering or leaving.

Republicans want a LOT of horrible things to happen.

Do you have a timer set to remind you to find something to be annoyed at? Not one thing he’s done has had a direct effect on your daily life

Its good money for military contractors.

Turkey just attacked a us NATO base.



An outpost was shelled, not a base. But yeah, and it was registered and recognized as the us. It was intentional.


Claiming Republicans want our troops to die is a bold statement

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It's actually no fucking surprise that the same fucking thread is posted by the same invalid morons every fucking day. I might be a republican myself but fuck me I'm exhausted of hearing the same tired, old, faggoty slogans pumped out like shit from a sewage tank by people who don't have the ability to read more than 4 fucking words together before deciding the opposing opinions might be less fucking stupid than their own. I've taken the fucking time to read up on what each side wants to do and I've decided red is better IN MY FUCKING OPINION and not just what the orange man on the TV told me to fucking do. Cunt me I fucking wish I had the words to describe my absolute rage and contempt for you disgusting people. You've ruined politics, discourse and any form of human decency and I will spend the rest of my cunting days cursing each and every one of you scum and the sooner you are wiped off the face of this earth the fucking better.

Fake and gay

What is the UN? And why do americunts always confuse it with NATO?

Answers on a postcard

Rawstory is the far left's version of Breitbart.

It's full of BS.

Turkey has our nuclear weapons bases and is an ally. Now that we don't have a common enemy the Kurds are turning on us.

What about the other places reporting it?


he says,while supporting a president who never goes to church

since donald trump and his supporters ruined the party

op is to dumb to realize donald trump was against bush's iraq war.more left wing bullshit by donald j trump that republicans just tolerate i guess,pathetic


fuck off foreigner.muslims are probably fucking your country right now

You sound like one of those globalist faggots.

oh,so is this another bowe berghdal leftist attempt to try to make it seem like the left supports our troops? shouldnt you be happy they are dieing soyboy?

trudeau is not a racist,he's just another liberal cunt like donald trump


just remember,christians voted for a president who never goes to church and bragged about grabbing women by the pussy

>hurr durr,look at me.i cant spell worth shit.go trump! lets celebrate ignorance instead of criticizing it!

Ronald McDumpster is neither conservative nor liberal. He is an opportunist.

why does OP like to put people in groups and then assume they all think the same way?

Hey, man, the Democrats want the troops to die, too. Both "sides" make money selling arms.

cuz Saudis pay in cash

All the defense contractors i ever heard of are republican. ... so I dunno about both sides.

Rookies! Rookies are invading every aspect of our government!

He doesn't want out troops to die. He just doesn't give a shit either way.

Not sure if youre just a spaz or mocking something... but the sad truth is that your statement is literally true, and its to our collective detriment.

Turns out its best to have accomplished and capable people run things. Not stupid compromised "outsiders"

Because soldiers are literally welfare queens


Why is Trump praising the devil?

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Still mad, huh¿

Just mad that the farmers I lease land too can't pay me for next season, and half my tech stocks lost way more money than they would have if we didnt have that spaz.

white power

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Kek. What the fuck is this besides absolutely retarded?