Canada Thread

Canada Thread
Bonus Points for 416

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416 .

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was posted before....said 905....anymore?

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Escort from 416

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Any 519 sarnia?

WINNIPEG 204?????????


902 Yeet

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Any newmarket/Georgina?
Will contribute

250 interior B.C.?
Kik 1937d

bump for more

bump for some 416

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same pics, same girls. These threads need to stop, they suck.



I wish. She's so hot.

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Ashley is yummy wow.

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Keep going.

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Mmm yes. Any more info? I'm in Toronto, would love to know more

Shes 20

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Anything more revealing?

416 girl getting pounded

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I don't think so

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Fucked a girl from Calgary once. Spent the whole day fucking her in a hotel room. Fucked her so much that day my dick was raw. Girl was down to fuck.

yooo any from 450-514? je peux trade

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wow sexy!?!? name?

wow shes thick!

Joder tio am from Spain i fucking love Canadian girls, please keep going

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wow! cute bra strap peaking too!

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wow stunning! how do you knw her

She's a friend of mine from school

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mmmm i would love to get to know her!

Not sure....but looking for more

Are you from Toronto?

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no hamilton

anyone got 506 Saint John?


You faggots aren't even talking about the quads.

Holy shit.

fuck looks super familiar! sw?!


whatchu got?

Any 2000's era Brampton?


I have some

Let's see kind sir

do you have some to trade?


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Trade? What r u a fag just post them here

Who u got?

she probably looks fabulous nude!

if you have some from quebec 450 514
to trade come talk to me on discord @ crabe#1827

Sorry, don't have anything of her nude

Anyone got 506 wins?

got nudes for all 3, will post if anyone knows them

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any 905/289 St. Kitts plz



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any tcona 204?

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Nah I only do here

depends what city?

Any 709? Seems like no one ever has much.

905 east of Toronto here. Willing to share

Finally a 416 thread

Any Grande Prairie?