Girls you know who've fucked black men

girls you know who've fucked black men

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they shared one

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bet she couldn't walk for a day or two

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Fucked her bbc pen pal for a free apartment to stay in on vacation in France

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got pulled aside by 2 bbc's at a swinger party and they fucking wrecked her

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Clara got blacked at prom

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Id pay to see pics of this little ho taking bbc.

trust me so would I

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got bred

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This girl met a bbc in a motel and let him do anything he wanted to her, the one holding the phone. Her fiance set it up. He fell asleep and I went through his phone and found all the messages of them talking about it. He was out of state at work, she met the bbc and screwed him then bragged to him about her swallowing every drop. Long story to go along with it any interest?

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he took her home that night and broke her pussy

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Yes i did, but they are on my last phone with a busted screen, one day ill get it fixed and get the photos. There was only 2, one of his dick right as he was about to push into her pussy, and 1 of he blowing him after he screwed her. Apparently her cuck man had been trying to talk her into doing a bbc for about a year, and never happened. And the cuck has a very small pen15 as well.

my ex wife

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My wife who I watched get destroyed by a bbc

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It was in the middle of the day, she dressed up in slutty clothes and went and paid for the motel room, and sit on the bed, the dude knocked and came in, started kissing etc.. the cuck told her to take a bunch of pictures, and she sent him snapchat pics of them kissing and him rubbing her cunt thru her pants, then went silent for like 5 minutes and the cuck kept calling her, she finnaly answered and he listened on the phone while he was fucking her. She sent him the one picture of his dick right before it went in, and she hung up, he kept messaging asking if she was ok, and she finally like 30 min in sent a reply and said busy text later. Lol. She called and said they were getting dressed and cuck got mad bc he didnt get a vid or nothing but i pic. So she put him back on bed and sucked him off again and he took 1 pic and sent cuck.

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thats a dildo

Tell us more

all 3

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He was pissed he didnt get anypics or anything. But that happened in June, August she started screwing some weird dude that had been giving her weed behind cucks back. Cuck was gone out of state working and she was letting weird dude come over after kid went asleep and fuck her all over their house. Went on for a few months and she split with cuck on Christmas day. Lmfao. And has been an active whore ever since. I got a blowjob from her one night about a year ago but she caught me trying to take pics and told me she wouldnt finish unless i gave her my phone. So she sucked me dry and told me thanks,

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How did you talk her into that? Any tips?

It took a LONG time getting her comfortable with the idea. As in a couple years. Had to be very patient and just let her get to the realization that it would be fun for her.

Was worth the wait

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She looks stunning, whats the biggest shes taken?

The guy I watched her with was close to 11 inches and very thick. It was seriously crazy.

Holy fuck thats big, do you have videos and would you be willing to share?

my indian ex fucked a few black guys

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Her, like?

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left is thirsty for the black cock

This shit is so weird.

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The girl I used to fuck in college is friends with Jesse Teplow.

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