Does anyone here have a curse from god? What do you do?

Does anyone here have a curse from god? What do you do?

I mean like literally the worst of the worst happens. Find something good. Taken away. Find a way to win. Taken away. God follows you around putting up impossible non stop barriers blocking happiness while the worst of the worst of the worst happens non stop and everything is taken away


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I don't believe in God so I blame it on the simulation we live in.

God created this world to make us suffer. Especially me

Don’t believe in god but I guess buried penis syndrome would be my curse. Usually 6 inches erect but less than one inch when flaccid

I'm cursed, I don't know if it's God, but there's definitely a curse.

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same guy as the "god trapped me in this town"
so keep that in mind, you gotta talk to him like hes five so his brain catches on

as for what god cursed me with?, Jasiri, i can't have enough of her

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I’m a fucking super genius and I am cursed by god

OP, this thread was stupid and shitty when you were shitting /x/ up with it months ago, just kys already and be done with it.

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Hey crazy guy
Hope you're having a good day being totally insane look forward to your next schizo rant

Im not fucking crazy im a super genius

What's wrong with that? My dingus is tiny when it's soft, too. All the more impressive when it is erect.

not enough to escape god, if you were a genius you would kill yourself already.

There is a 110% chance you are absolutely and unequivocally bat shit crazy

You... Need... Meds...
Go to a doctor
You may even get neetbux as your level of headfuckery must make you 100% disabled

I can’t because god fucking strikes me down every time I win

Dude I have a curse from god. If you saw my life you would believe me

Well, I'm a super crazy genius.

Have you tried doing good things and building up your karma? Try an eastern religion

This guy gets it. Karma is real. Even catholic church teaches a version of karma. Do unto others and you would want done to you...that's another way of saying, karma..

>change god to you.
>reconsider your life
>Nobody gets anything for free unless you're rich

That is exactly the kind of statement that a crazy person would make

Listen dude you want some cash and a way to be happier?
Go get diagnosed
You will probably have to spend some time in a hospital
But after that you will get a disability check every month
Accept it. Your brain does not work
If you go in there and say all the crazy bullshit you say here you will be diagnosed and treated

I'm a motherfuckin lyrical genius.

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Yes no matter how much of a good person I am. I scam people for money though. I’m disabled and have to. And its the only way to not be poor.

I have posted my whole story on r9k as it’s happened over the years and they all know and agree I’m cursed

>I scam people for money though
so you are a piece of shit scum, just as i expected
i would tell you to kill yourself but you're too delusional to listen to reason, i just want to let you know, i hope you suffer in the worst way possible and die a slow death, get cancer faggot.

You went on a board
Where a bunch of NEETs, HRT Trannys, and other crazy fucks hang out and pretend to be anime girls and that's your source? Seriously man listen to yourself

I like scamming

Fuck you. Don't give me that BS. You choose that path. Don't blame something else because you have given up. True talk, it's easy to sit back and make excuses. It takes heart and a fighter to push though and surprise yourself. In reality it's all on you, period.

You're not a good person. Try it again, but this time focus on being a good person

I was born in third world poverty and too disabled to work

It’s just being smart

Yes, could have written this myself.

Maybe not that bad but just incessant bullshit and 'oh let's look at what you could have won' type situations.

What a pathetic little individual you are. Firstly, being stupid enough to believe in god and secondly being so conceited to think that you have been singled out. And all the while wallowing in self-pity.

At this point both you and the world would be better off if you somehow ceased to breathe permanently
Become an hero OP it's the only way

I do somewhat believe supernatural beings might be using drugs and physical pleasure to keep me from breaking through to the other side and/or achieve what I was destined to do in this life.

> inb4 crazy
I know, that's why I said somewhat…

obvious paranoid illness is obvious

you are responsible for your own actions

Believe me when I tell you that the universe takes a big giant dump on me every day or two, but only you can change it.

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God has cursed me by making me a fucking acne infested manlet with a giant head and giant ears + an annoying voice. I'm so tired that people talk down to me and when i point it out i'm being called "sassy" or some shit. Not a day goes by without having suicidal thoughts.


just a small town boy
livin' without any joy
everyday he’ll post this thread not goin' anywhere...

he'd rather be a city boy,
born and raised but now unemployed
he’s on probation for being black not goin' anywhere...

a nigger in a chilly room
smell of lead and mold, but what can he do?
god is cruel and we're not alright
it goes on and on and on and on…

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uh that sounds like every 10-20 year old boy kek.

have u tried fixing your diet and heavy lifting to make ur body grow and match ur fat head lol

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I'm in my twenties and yes i've tried lifting and i used medical strength acne medicine which only left me scar faced.

You could still be famous.

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Yeah if I had talent

Well you do make the best "Trapped in a small town while on probation for being black" threads.

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Maybe you could develop some if you didn't spend all your time whining like a little bitch on Sup Forums