Cuckold thread?

Cuckold thread?

Post your Girls , and Send more when someone ask for it

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Make her take her top off


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Would you leg her suck another dick?

Pls show face

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I would

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More ?

Which country?

How far have you guys gone so far?

Maybe Full frontal ? Or sucking dick ?


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Haven't had any threesome yet, it's on plans

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Tits please

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Her tits are so nice, Would like to Cum on them :)

She Would do great in a gangbang

Get that bra off!!!

Clothes off!

How about a slutty Gilf intetested?

Gf is a natural slut

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Would Love to suck those,

Already shared her?

Full frontal?

More of a candualist than a cuck. Not shared.

Ass pics of her please
Gf or wife ?

Gf, anyone interested?

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Ass pics

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Oh wow
Skype ?

Omg fuck yes
Do you have Skype sir

Someone knows cuckold rooms on volafile?

No just snap

What's your snap?

Love that ass. Kik?

want more?

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Sorry pal, tend to keep it on here :)

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That's to bad


Muslim loving white whore. Kik. Sweetycheeks1

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