What's your favorite vidya game, Sup Forums?

What's your favorite vidya game, Sup Forums?

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Castlevania Symphony of the Night

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updated my journal

wasn't that the one with the ghost knight at the end?
Can't remember noteworthy things from that one.
Anything specific you like about it?

What the fuck is that



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It's hard to say really, i'd have to pick a series like Elder Scrolls, or Fallout, instead of picking a single game. Those types of games have sucked more of my life away than any other.

Candy crush

it's past your bedtime kiddo.

overwatch is by far my favorite multiplayer game, and would have to pick the first walking dead telltale game as my favorite singleplayer game.

Lmao actually tho what is that? Is it good?

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Jk it’s a Black Isle game of course it’s great

Same. Metro slaps

Mainly the gameplay is fast-paced and fun. The bosses kinda suck because 2/3 of them are melee-only, but I fucking love mowing people down with the Venom gun. Also, the soundtrack is 10/10.


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It's a DnD based game sharing story aspects with Baulder's Gate/Icewind Dale/Neverwinter Nights.

I need to pick this up. Heard nothing but good things.

hard to say, I hesitate betwee
> quake 2
> half-life
> deus ex

if only you sent another one as your fav I'd roast you. Even during installation this made you know how amazing it will be. But hell, the ambient was great too. youtube.com/watch?v=GirADcFCMVw
> bosses kinda suck because 2/3 of them are melee-only
Yeah, Ularic and Ubersoldaten are melee only. Someone needs to refresh the game I guess.

Tbh my friend recently found a kotaku article that praised it despite absolutely 0 level of oestrogen, melanin and homoerotic relationships. The article pointed out some serious advantages I haven't exactly considered before too. But hell, I'm a Slav myself so I'm biased anyway.

not bad


The original Half Life λ