If Belle Delphine does Blacked it will break the internet. Everyone, including normies...

If Belle Delphine does Blacked it will break the internet. Everyone, including normies, will hear about the tiny little white girl that white boys pay thousands of dollars to worship, who fucked BBC on camera.

We would unironically have to admit that white girls love black dick and admit that we are doomed to sit in our rooms jacking off while our crushes get their pussies destroyed by black dicks.

Personally it would drive me nuts. I wouldn't be able to stop watching it even as it tears me apart. I dunno if I could ever see another pretty white girl without picturing her getting railed by BBC.

If Belle does Blacked I will literally suck a black man's dick and let him fuck me to demonstrate how utterly sexually dominant they are over us.

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I hope nobody replies to this shitty thread. But I can see them coming in droves in the distance already.

Fuck Sup Forums, and fuck this retarded thread that adds no substance to this site.

She tagged a bunch of different porn companies. Also this is another desperate power grab for her to get attention from pussy-starved neckbeards like OP here.


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Those almost quints tho

lol, it won't change a thing. whores have been around for thousands of years.

I honestly don't get why so many fucking Sup Forumstards give a shit about whether a chick fucks (or has fucked) a black dude. Just because she had a different color dick inside her has absolutely NO effect on her pussy! Are that many of you so damn insecure that you're afraid you can't compete with another race?

tl;dr - racism is for weak-ass beta losers!

>break the internet

cringe,fuck off zoomer fag.this is just another troll like her bathwater

>fake account
Why are you cucks so pathetic?

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>my boy
>also check'em

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>racism is for weak-ass beta losers
That is true but so is Sup Forums :/

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Its not about wanting black dick, its that shes a shallow whore and wants more money. If she really wanted it she would have chosen to do it already. Her waiting this long is just showing desperation because her neetbux ran out.

Its very well known that BBC porn pays a lot more because nobody wants to do it.

it's less about the fear being not able to compete but more about the fear, that the brain-washing and black and white mixing propaganda get's to girls. but afaik whites are 95% most attracted to whites according to some research.

kill yourself you nigger loving faggot cuckold

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>If Belle Delphine does Blacked it will break the internet

are you really that guliible

She keeps posting bait like that so retarded piece of shit like you give her money and attention

just go to any porn site and move on, that whore is total shit

yes look at this sexually dominant black man

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black men are so sexually dominant...

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>uses the phrase "BBC"
you are a cuckold small dicked faggot

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who cares what color dick goes in her, I just want to see her get fucked.