Ask a guy who just spoke and orded a session with a TS escort for tomorrow anything

Ask a guy who just spoke and orded a session with a TS escort for tomorrow anything

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When did you realize that you're a faggot?

What does she look like and how much are you paying? Will you suck cock?

A few moths ago. And you?

She's brazilian, huge cock and I'm going to pay around 200-300$. It's expencive to live in Norway. Yes, I will suck her cock. I've never been fucken in the ass or sucked cock. I've wanter for a while now. So that's why I'm going to this beautiful TS

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pretty jealous.
what are the odds you set up a hidden cam and record it for your Sup Forumsros?

None, sorry Sup Forumsro

Beautiful. And huge fucking cock! Good for you, I paid a bit more for a ts escort in Vegas last spring. Had wanted it for a while and not at all disappointed. I ssucked her cock and swallowed her cum, fucked her ass and let her fuck mine. You’ll be happy :)

Yeah. I think I will be. Will be fun, will also be my first time with a escort and playing with a cock. So I'm a bit nervous, haha. But she sounded verry nice on the phone :)

I pay for escorts once or twice a year, always go high end. It’s wonderful, therapeutic, exciting, and I get exactly what I want.

you fags keep talking about "her cock" and "she" when it's just a dude with breast implants, so it should be "fucked his ass" and "sucked his cock" and "got AIDS for being a faggot"

He, she? Who cares? If you are Bi or pan you don't care

Yeah, and? Cry more jealous faggot.

Lol pan

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Why not just pay for real pucci?

Why not save your money and buy a length of rope, you degenerate?

Cus I wanna be fucked in my ass and suck tranny cock :)

OP here, I am a flaming cockguzzling faggot

Might fuck and get fucked by more men and trannies :*

(real OP here) yes I am

Literally everyone who posted in this thread is. Lets at least be honest. All of us.