I wanna try something new. How do I get fucked up with household items? I tried antidepressants and cough syrup

I wanna try something new. How do I get fucked up with household items? I tried antidepressants and cough syrup

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Pressurized air or gas user, get huffing

Dont have

Try a bottle

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Lmao you didn't get fucked up doing dxm? That shit will seriously fuck you up worse as any "hardcore" drug will

Benzedrex is good as a stim. Take the cotton out and soak it in coke. I've done it probably 30-40 times. The hangover does suck though.

Drink bleach

I have some fluoxetine, will that do anything?

LMAO that's a fucking SSRI you dumbass, that shit won't do anything

there aren't any household cleaning supplies that will get you fucked up because retards abused the good ones, and now there's no good ones that are commercially available anymore.

your best bet is trying to find something to huff, like air duster in a can, or other whippits

or stop being a faggot and find some friends who will do drugs with you

bro benzedrex, dxm, alcohol. Other than that it's mostly a shit shoot for legal otc

Don’t have money friends are poor too

other than dph if you want to die

Dont listen to these faggots, you have nutmeg in the spice cabinet yes?

Sell the most expensive household items, or steal money from your parents wallet and buy some fucking H if you wanna get fucked up. Most cough syrup won't do shit

you probably have a tight little ass, you can make some money if you really want that high

No lol

would rather smoke meth than this, just ask your doctor for some benzos OP

Got reddi whip?

u can make crystal meth in the bathroom and use your pool filter in the tub to clean out the impurities. Get a ton of ammonia sulfate. This is the first and hardest step you basically have to save up all your pee pee and put it in with sodium chloride and be sure to let it gas off or else you have an explosion.

Then once you have that put into a container with actual dry ice. You want to mix this together without making too much action or else it will explode. Then once is done pour into a second container that is filled with magnesium plus nickel cadmium, this makes it so you can get high off the basic crystals that it forms. Take your peepee-dry ice once you mix all of that get a big bag of cereal generic stuff in your fridge and dump of all it in because it has everything in it just dump all the cereal in the same container, let it get raelly soggy so it mixes with anything else you missed.

Then let it dry and crunch that shit up and stick it in your arm, you can also use a chase like cool old ground up pencil dust and carpet cleaner for an extra kick.

I mean try Jensen it’s like fermented shit in bottle with a ballon in top


It’s called Jenkem

You can make smokable crystals.
Place penny in glass bowl
Pour in bleach
Add ammonia
Use straw to blow into mixture.
Will form crystals to smoke

Fabulous scared straight tactic.
But seriously, OP is clearly underage and doesn't have access to street shit. OP: Don't start down this road, bro. It can, and will, get so much worse. Smoke weed with your friends here in the next couple of years, but for the love of fuck don't begin a lifestyle of "anything that gives me a buzz." Stop now, don't open this door.

nutmeg works, it's like a sedative.

bleach + ammonia, huff that shit. Amazing

>bleach + ammonia, huff that shit. Amazing
fuck off with that shit. OP wants to get high, not make crystals.

sounds like OP just drank a random cough syrup without actually looking at the ingredients.
not to mention in most states/countries nowadays it's actually pretty difficult to find a cough syrup that'll get you high anymore.


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Just get your hands on some DXM
Will change your outlook on life too

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OP if you have yeast and sugar you can create this stuff called "ethanol" that's kinda fun.

Nitrous oxide is "household" but not super cheap and if you had any you'd have inhaled it all already.

I'm out of ideas.

Yeah but you have to eat so much of it and it's such a hassle like choking down sawdust that it's not worth it for a fairly mild buzz.

Sailors used to chew on fresh nuts all day. Unless you have access to those I wouldn't bother.

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are a lot more interesting if you really want to fuck around with grinding up annoying nuts.

But at the point where you're doing mail order you might as well get an actually fun plant.

Smoke nutmeg