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fib dubs

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fib dubs

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eye onlie hab tru dubs

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yew fib

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ifb eye fib dat mak we ebil n dat meen u ice

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yew ice

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dat funny beecuz eye em ebil

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dat funi beecus yew ice

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i don't understand

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dat eben ore funny beecus yew hab know prooff sow en ebil

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et knot eben xmas

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You're a good friend

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you, too





go slep fren u ned rest

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Hmmm...So he was behind that...

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trips ofb go slep
knot gud u wear shelf ouut

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go slep

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You miss lole


eye mess noffin. ifb slepy go slep

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>eye mess noffin. ifb slepy go slep
>eye mess noffin. ifb slepy go slep

I dont get it

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enuff, go slep ore u mess ouut sea fren twomorrow
hee bee poopybutthead

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Ice peepel sowned lake yew


My head isnt poop or butt shaped

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Tabel lole

ice peepol jest ice, eye went fren gett rest sow ken bee beest ebil wen mak u ebil
yew hab butt luuken head wiff poneetail

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Yew dum bum

Tbeal loel

Ponytails are cute, you have ponytail

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I failed life lole

eye knot fib bout bee dummy butt u knot gett kall we dat
dayy cute butt luuk silly

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N yeew snel

Same, what do?

Konata is silly, but cute
Like you

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Cute and wholesome


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yew smel like fake ebil
konata coot yew silly eye ebil
coot fang
gnight. slep icely drem gud bee wel

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Why are you soo evil?
You born like that or you became evil?

Im not going to say that >:c
But you posted cute pic so i forgiv

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t-thank you
konata is pretty cute as well
lucky star was actually sort of my introduction to more "weeaboo" shows, as in not shounen anime in english
t-thank you
i-i like your umbrella too

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ebil jest ebil, yew coww lick heead
embrella ice fren. howw knight hop gett two reelax noww lik fren

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I like konata but i didnt start with lucky star, i start becoming weeb with nichijou, i completely recommend
Also you dont like shonen even in japan?
Theres some cool ones like one punch man

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little russian space man

I didnt understand that, sorry


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its very nice :)
it was alright, work was a bit long so now im kinda tired, but i am taking it easy now
how about yourself?
oh wow, i first watched it in like early high school, so uhhh... like 10 years ago. oof.
i just mean that before lucky star i was only watching english shounen stuff like dragonball z or yugioh or whatever
i watch everything in the original japanese now

except cowboy bebop.

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Cowboy bebop english dub is good?
I havent seen it in english, i really liked it in japan and i didnt expect a better dub in english
I just watched a part in english and it was very good but i didnt except all anime

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i think it might be one of those "whichever you heard first" kinda of deal, and cowboy bebop aired in english on american tv, so i think a lot of people prefer it that way

also it was pretty fucking well done so that helps.

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this is uhhh pretty edited obviously but its a good example i think

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dat knot funn. mak sur two gett rest knot jest settin down. eye hab dayy dat ez dayy lestten two mewsic noww
bebop english reely gud feel morre rite

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Maybe i gonna watch it again and start feeling the very sad
>Im not going to die
Ouch, that made me feel really bad
Also, im totally going to see the anime again

Also with video that send tsugu i realize that dub is indeed good

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well, as they say, if work was fun theyd call it fun, not work.
i see... sort of. oh well, i hope youre nice and comfy now :)
yes, its very good. that video is a little manipulative obviously, most of the series isnt quite like that, but yeah... its very good.

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Video is like simpsons vaporwave but that part of the anime makes me feel bad, its soo good the final that i dont want to see it again

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thx four da compiement blu hair fren
bebop n fullmetal r onlie dubz eye know sub onlie peepol lik
et jest dayy dat pas noffin funn ore baad jest pas bye. em habben funn noww. know, yew hab comfy knight yew worrked deeserved et. hab sang eye listen two

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Fullmetal is good?
I havent seen anything from that anime

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Are there two separate factions of avatarfags or something

Not really, "." Threads are for comfy purposes

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yew nebar sean et? shuud ant bee sirprised eye knot sea lucky yett. gib brotherhood wun tri u mite lik et

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If you say that its good i probably gonna like
If its not too long maybe i can see it this week

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on my scale of niceness, i rate this thread 1/1, maximum niceness, good job

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In a scale of ummm... 23 in give you 45 of niceness

Oh no, she eaten spider again :c

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eye lik et knot sea en lang tim, tink et bout 50 eps ore sow. eye hop u lik et ifb knot sorry waste yor tim
eye r8t dis fren 10 stank bombz outt 2
y u dew dis!!!

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hope you're comfy and drinking something nice

post feet :3

to bully you

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dont worry, i waste my time in useless things
Seeing an anime at least entertaining me

Im in bed, im preparing for commiting sleep

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sleep is important, hope it goes well

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mii feet r miine, yew smelly perv bulli?!? eye tak drank away frum yew
yew jest putt we en weird spott taken mii worrd knot went lett u dowwn
go slep

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Im going to sleep, good knight

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gnight blu hair fren. hab gud dayy towmorrow

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bully me back with your feet

sleep well

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................. fren u hab two mech two drank plz gett wuter

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okay, sorry
i'm not actually a foot person, the joke went too far
how are you? drinking anything nice?

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yee hehehe et jest joke hole tim... em dewin gud habben funn two knight lestten two mewsic eye drank whyskeyy. wut bout u fren, u ffine, dewin enythin ore funn
dis sang ifb went two know

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oh, i'm listening to music, too
the one you posted
because you posted it
and it's great, thank you
oh, i'm fine
i want to be excited about the anime adaptation of Dorohedoro, but kinda can't
the manga is great, but watch this video and tell me that Kaiman (lizard head) doesn't look like shit, fuck CGI

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