I'm about to ask out the Walmart QT chick tomorrow, wish me luck b

I'm about to ask out the Walmart QT chick tomorrow, wish me luck b

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Good luck bro

good luck. whats your gameplan?

Oh I'd fuck her for sure. Good luck user.

Not if I beat you to it user

She gonna be a FATASS in 5 years. Get used to listening to nonstop talk of her "diet"...
Good luck user, but she's a pump-n-dump.


Good luck bro.


No you're not. This is pasta

GL bro. She's got a good ass I can tell. Keep us updated on your progress user.

>i dont know why i cant lose weight
>proceeds to shovel food into her mouth after a 15min workout

To be fair there's a lot worse one could fall for.
>be nice

Luck is for card games. Heres some pro-tip advice:-

Hide/remove your micro-expressions. Think (but don’t dwell) on a nice past sexual experience or a time you played video games with your bros and you bonded strongly. This will remove 90% of your nerves and keep you relaxed and allow you to focus.

Approach the situation like this. Her response is only secondary to your goal.

Your goal is asking her the question, and doing it smooth like a chad would. The goal isn’t to get her to say yes.

And if you’re relaxed and not autistic you have high probability of a “yes” outcome.

Fuck you asshole I hate this guy and his thread.

show her your dick first

Good luck bro. I had a manager at work give me her number on the first day. Old short graying roastie wants it. Lel. Not risking that shit though. Hopefully you fare better. Good luck

Damn how long has she been working there. Should’ve ask her earlier

▲ ▲

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A few months, why?

>shows dick
>"girl" wipe out "her" 10"


Get checked

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not this shit again i had enough