Tell me something interesting about you

Tell me something interesting about you.

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Why are you being hunted by the banana bot?


Who knows. Why haven't Jannies successfully banned it?


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Because moot left us in the hands of a glow-in-the-dark nigger.

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I watch anime with no subs and just make up the dialog in my head. Mostly while playing vidya.

I have had to do that once or twice when I had a pirated episode that didnt come with subs. It's fun.

when I walk up stairs for some reason I always walk on my toes. never put my heels down

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Same, usually. It just makes sense. You have to lift with your toe to step off the stair, why bother putting the heel down at all?

I skip stairs whenever I can.
Also, I paint murals and had a birthmark on the sole of my left foot.

What it in a cool shape? Murals are fun, I like painting.

Let's see if it works.

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Shit-eater twit ColbErt is smitten with cum and worshIps scum

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It does not.

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So it just specifically targets any thread you comment in.

Nah, it's targeted threads I never posted in

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Maybe people with avatars in general then?

Also, it... appears to be done. No new spam in any of the 3 currently open threads.

I'm fairly sure it's manual. Someone has the autism to actually spam manually

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>fairly sure it's manual
This. Some script kiddie with no homework.

What's the banana bot?

i can buy medicinal now. ouch my chronic pain

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It's fine, I can outlast him.


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not that

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Then what?

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yes the devil's lettuce. don't report me to the feds. although it is through the government so

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Wow you lawbreaker, I'm gonna report u

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Sure it is, tell that to the authorities

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can i stick my dick in that

It's a puppet so technically yes?

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not for lewd

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Many people, even my roommate thought that i am extroverted, but actually i have an anxiety disorder. and have no clue how to interprete intetions and interact with people.

How did you convince them you were extroverted then?

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>laugh at everything
>say whatever comes into your head
>if they look wide eyed horrified, laugh and yell its a prank until they tell you to shut up

Sounds like a defense mechanism to anyone who hasn't only ever dealt with extroverts

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that's the saddest fucking thing I've ever seen

Maybe i told some storrys about my old friends who all went to live in other towns, needing to visit them. actually never going there. otherwise i have no clue.

allso this

Got no love from mom so now I’m a fucking champ in bed because I’m constantly trying to over-satisfy the other sex

Yeah, lies work pretty well. You sound like you can handle yourself pretty well overall

I'm also like that lmao. I'll make my partner cum like 3-4 times before I do

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it sexually arouses me when girls get doxxed because i enjoy pretending to be them and being that exposed and being that vulnerable

are you allso considerate in other life situations?
like driving your car/bike?

That sucks but is remarkably insightful.

I recommend trying to imagine child-you and envisioning giving yourself the love you deserved and needed as a child. *hugs*

Dox yourself, it'll be the ultimate thrill

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i go to therapy every other week now, so that allso helps.

Yeah, I've been to therapists since I was young. It's nice to have someone to talk to, but they have to be trustworthy

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I really like math. It's beatiful to me.

It's sad that so many people dilike math. I think it's because school pressures you to learn at a certain pace, and move on even if you haven't mastered the previous concept. So people end up trying to learn new things when they're uncertain about earlier stuff, causing a lot of frustration.

I think it would be better to have people learn at different paces. Those who really struggle might only get to middle school math, but then they'd understand that much. Now they just find all math uncomfortable instead.

I fucking hate math, English and language is to me what math is to you

And yeah, having a slower, more comprehensive education on math would definitely help me and people like me who don't like math learn! You should influence education in your area :)

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I like writing even though im shit at it

but it's lewd with cuddling and lots of care

i think everyone has an different topic that he can stive in. Mine was stochastic, i was very good at it very early in my live and the scool could never support my "gift".

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What subject do you like writing about?

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so i ened up disliking maths and the scool system in one. i never recovered. i am glad that you are one of the few hwo can apreciate its beauty

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sure but it hardly requires my attention to perform considerately i mean i REALLY try too hard. i didnt even nut the last time she came three times n i gave up

Languages are fun to know. Just take forever to learn xD Its cool you have that relationship with language :3

Ah, thanks :P I hadn't thought of that but will probably try to spread the word when I can :P

Aww :( Have you been able to nurture your talent on your own?

I have been coming to Sup Forums almost every day for the past 14 years and still don't have the slightest interest in traps, interracial sex, or getting cucked,

I love sound! Accents are just modulations of sound and language is the manipulation of sound

I'm glad I could inspire you :3

What do you have interests in, then? What brought you here?

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that is not how it works

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maybe i should get my own education going, but it wont help me mutch in my current situation in my life...

Hmm. Ive heard Khan Academy is good but havent tried it myself.

What could help your current situation though?

What brought me here originally was a new brand of humor, before they were even called memes, that was actually clever, witty, and unfiltered, that I hadn't seen since Maddox (before he went full retard). Board peaked around 2008 before Sup Forums went mainstream and all the XDing redditors and facebookers showed up and acted like edgy little cunts trying to fit in / understand the board culture. Humor has long since died and now I just scan for giant fukken tiddys threads because that's how I like them.

Then what you came here for is long gone, unfortunately. You should be fairly old now, as well. I mostly exist to have fun conversations with people and not be a shitbag like Alice

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I just finished writing my first childrens book. Soon I'll start drawing the illustrations for it and hopefully have it published within tge year. I've also been thinking about doing rule34 and commission and just finished a few good sketches.

i dropped out of university, due to healt problems, now i started working as an cabinet maker. no need for sochastics now, maybe one day i will pick up my studies in Biology, but that will be some jears... now i need mor philosophical understanding and need to know my personality more.

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Sounds like you've got your shit together, user, good work. I hope it pays off for you.

Have you considered a trade school? I hear tradesmen can make a decent wage these days

wum non furry

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