I removed my frenulum

i removed my frenulum

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What the fuck how, surgery? Whats the difference without one

wtf how and why


its the male clit basically
hes not cumming anytime soon

what a fucking psycho

For what purpose?

I don't have a frenulum cause I'm circumcised and I can cum just fine

For what reason and by what method?

Wtf Is a frenulum?


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Even if cut, you have a frenulum.

You know that shit underneath ur tongue that holds it down. Your dick has one and this psycho removed his

no it isnt fuck face its the part that connects the skin to the nob

it was too tight, so it was painful to get hard.


circumcision does not take the frenulum.

I tore mine once fuck removing it, wtf

Id have an irrational fear of my dickhead disconnect from the shaft. Holy fuck

Shut the fuck up stupid faggot

Show more pictures?

I can cum just fine, if not better than before.

It's a common thing, called frenuloplasty

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much better

Timestamp or gtfo

Looks like an anteater about to stick its tongue out.

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I think your cock looks great user.

Well damn, alright then. So what exactly was the reason this procedure needed to take place?

Sometimes the frenulum is too tight, which makes erections to be painful or sometimes the glans is not fully exposed because the frenulum isn't as elastic. So I talked to my urologist and we decided to to the procedure, which was very quick.

We have to go back

So this procedure helped you? From my own experience, that's the most sensitive part of the pendias, so it seems counter-productive to remove it.

read a fucking book retard

It did. I no longer feel pain during erections or jerking off.

The frenulum is pretty sensitive, but I didn't notice any loss of sensitivity on my dick at all without it. Maybe my doctor was just skilled enough to avoid nerve damage.

Then that's pretty awesome, user. Glad you could get the help you needed. Are you happy with the procedure?

is there any benefit to it other than medical reasons? kinda interested to make this my next bodymod.

>next bodymod
What bodymods have you already done? I'm genuinely curious.

I want the negroplasty

How long did the surgery and healing last? How much did it cost ya?

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I thought people got bodymods just for looks.

I would suggest the next thing you do OP is probably kill yourself.

split tongue and removed the nails on both my pinky fingers. thinking about getting my hands on a north sense mod.
got some genital piercings too.
rest is just some tats and unexiting piercings

It wasn't an surgery, just a procedure in the doctor's office under local anesthesia. It took about 15 minutes (probably because he was alone and had no one to help him).

Healing was about 2 weeks. The first couple days were a bit unpleasant, not for pain, but because it swells quite a bit and it's difficult to hide the bulge.

I payed around the equivalent of 100 USD, but I'm not in America. Don't know how much it would cost there.

not exclusivly. i do think it looks kinda need and if there are benefits even better. thats why i asked

You have a lot in common with trans people like you tend to off yourselves as well


Body modification / Trans
HMMM it's almost like Modifying your body to fix your brain doesn't work is that why you all end up killing yourselves at the end?

good for you


please pull up stats for this, you've got me curious about people with bodymods.
no, I don't mean trans stats, but bodymods specifically.
>t. not piercings user
that didn't seem like an insult. don't be so sensative.


Clearly this person is all about this life, so what's the point of the harsh criticism?

Thanks for the info. I think I might undergo the procedure myself.

all the "famous" people in Extrema BM have killed themselves......Not on accident doing crazy shit just Suicide

you lost no sensitivity? i don't like my frenelum is it worth it?

dafuq is Extrema BM??

>you lost no sensitivity?
>i don't like my frenelum is it worth it?
For me it was. If you're interested, talk to an urologist about it and then you can decide.

my bad

Is there some reason having no fingernails seemed like a cool thing to try?

let them. they are stating their opinion and thats absolutely ok.

It's not an opinion as much as what happens when they seem to reach 40-60

Kind of ageist.

it looks good, isnt totally in your face and the skin that grow in its place is soft and sensitive. feels good.
actually none of my mods are 'super' obvious right away. my tats and piercing arent either.

Would you ever consider removing your eyelids?
Serious question.

well. we will see :)

no. i dont think it would look good and have some serious drawbacks

why are talking about anyway. this not my thread. (just curious)



Have you taken something?

why are we talking about me. this is not my thread.
sorry. i am still a little tipsy.

Is that how it's fucking supposed to look? Thought it was just the two sides combining. Do I not have a frenulum?

Nigga I'm drunk as fuck and I've been communicating just fine in this thread. Take some ibuprofen and GTFO.

that's the frenulum

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Gross looking dick you've got there OP

youre probably right. will do. smoke a cigarette and answer questions if there are any. until the ibu starts to work. brb

In America it would cost 5k

The male clit is the penis you fucking imbecile. The whole thing.

You're the first person to tell me that.

Let me second that statement.

show dick

im not even gay but the way your moist shaftskin glistens is super sexy

I hate to break it to you but you are super fucking gay. OP's dick is gross.

i wanna put it in my mouth and suck the grease off it. no homo

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