This is my waifu and i love her

this is my waifu and i love her

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Bro claimed
Flatter me all you want, my hearts still set on another seaman
The only thread i posted in for about 2 weeks was this one. If ya seen another it was the lewd one. That's good to hear. Lewds go against the teachings of the grate waifu god.
Ask and ye shall receive.

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Hello tsugu!

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hello relm
how are you today?

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im fine, a bit tired and sleepy, but fine, and you?

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Duncare, just betting on ya. And refusing to allow you to undersell yourself whilst you tell me not to do it ya goof

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Claimin' and lovin' this one.

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im glad to hear it, i hope you can get some rest today
im good, ive got the day off so im gonna be trying to finish a vidya as quick as i can so i can play something else

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oh shit you dooo!!!!! >w

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what do you have in mind?

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ive been getting an urge to play wow again. not classic wow like before but retail wow
ive gotta finish this spiderman game first because someone i know let me borrow it and "no i didnt finish it but here take it back" will be an awkward conversation i dont want to have

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which spiderman game?

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uhhh the newest one for ps4, "marvel's spiderman" i guess?

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oh, the newest? thats good to hear! and is it good as the people say?

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I want to sniff Haruhi's butt

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*Text sent*
You can't play reverse uno card on me like that, you goober
Bro claim's another soul. Look forward to seeing what ya do, happy coloring... You're not going to black him tho... Right

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I can and will.~ But if ya want then I could join your fanclub too ya goofy comrade~

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yup, thats the one.
it feels great to move around, exploring the world is great, its really impressive how much detail there is even though you spend most if it zipping past it all
the story is a bit too rushed in my opinion, especially if you just rush through it, like the story beats are a bit too close together i dunno
and the combat is functional but its a bit clunky in a few ways and doesnt really blow me away or anything

all in all: good, but its not gonna revolutionize spiderman games or anything. they shouldve focused on and rewarded web-slinging and exploring more, thats the best part of the game

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let me see if i understand, its a good game but no a great game, correct?

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yeah basically, it has some great parts, and is overall highly polished, but there's some parts that get kinda frustrating, at least for me
granted im just some guy so take my opinion with a grain of salt

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its okay, dont worry, i just wanted to seek an individual though beyond the "its the best spiderman game"

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You get used to 'em after a while, they're quite pretty to me.
The cutest, at least in my opinion.

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hmmm it might still be the best spiderman game... id have to replay spiderman 2 and uhhh ultimate spiderman

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and thats the only game that keeps you busy? theres more?

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yes, I want to sniff your butt, but i have a cold :(

uhhh for now, i want to play something else. or rather, i dont want to have this game sitting around longer than it needs to, since i need to get it back to someone

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and what do you want to play?

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i dunno, maybe wow, maybe fallout some more. i just dont want to be tied to needing to finish this one game
i dropped the difficulty all the way down and im just gonna rush through it all haha

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so you wanna finish it to say "i finish it"?

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no, the game belongs to someone else, im borrowing it, and i dont want to just hold onto it forever. i dont really want to play it at all honestly but i have to give it back so id rather finish it and give it back as soon as i can

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if you dont want to play it, why keep going? you could lie to him and tell him that you finished it no?

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what if asks me details about the game? "hey how did you like this part? what did you think about this?"
i considered just watching someone play through the parts i didnt play, but i figured this would be the most straight-forward way to avoid awkward conversations

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nigger weebs

no, i would not, while i do brand them like kattle, he's getting the sub-brand "Light"

i'd fuggg tho! >w<
why are you so hot!!!
damn! i truly am bisexual huh...

i need some more time... im being too picky about things but im almost there!

i actually like them.
you can see yourself even if they shine really nice :3

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its the fastest solution, if you run out of time consider it, anyway, Have you had all this day off?

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ive got plenty of time, because yeah, ive got the whole day off. i should easily finish it by the end of the day

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Gonna have to call a referee on this. Talk about fan clubs like that and you'll get my german dna boiling. You trying to get me whacked
Lets be real. The only reason to play a spiderman game is to swing around
Hey, kaguya. You look real good in those, P.E shorts. But, i'd bet you'd even better in sweatpants
Sick. These aren't meat, these are waifus. You can't treat them like that. How do you know what i look like? Astolfo on the other hand... No comment. Well i'll just wait for christmas to see :P

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also im getting pretty tired of playing as mary jane in these dumb stealth sections
agreed, and this game does do that very well.

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>German DNA
A country neighbour comrade! Rejoice comrades! Also, noooothing wrong with a personality cult like that of Stalin

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it is very boring?

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well i have known you for quite a while now, mein Freund~ ^w^
obviously i know how you look like by at this point...

thanks for the reminder, i still need to do new xmas edits, the ones i have are boring since i already used them...

and no you won't have to wait until then, ill be done in another couple of minutes i reckon

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they are slow and not very spider-man at all

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>not Yuki
That's not the best option, and you know

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nani the what

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yeah, that sounds pretty boring, i hope you can finish the game soon, i have to leave, this will run out of battery soon, farewell!

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me too, thank you, i hope you have a nice day!

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Oh comrade! Consider trying destiny 2, it's a fun looter shooter which went free to play

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That's good. Couldn't imagine any game messing that up. Something so simple yet feels so right
Don't trust this poster. He has a shady smell
Stop that. You're going to get me on a list, not country neighbor
You didn't even know what one i was don't pull my leg. Ya, going to go make that bugout pack now, you spybot. The season is closely upon us got to get those hats ready dust off the old ones. Don't retire them like a day 10 year pair of jeans those pics have memories. Just met you for the 6th time and you already deliver on the same day. Might have to get rid of the tease for the dependable you
Don't worry about that, i pocket typed that

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Awww rip, there goes my hope of having yet another fritz comrade.

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-claims you-

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no i don't like it.

so i misinterpreted something in the picture and i have to do some stuff over...
just give me a couple more minutes... >.<

im honestly blessed to be living in the same time period as awesome bois as you! :3

all the best of things to you health and stuff! (:

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Awww was worth a try

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Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня

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I miss you so much, its raining and all I can think about is snuggling up with you :)

Do you have Discord? I want to talk to you

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they seem to have a hankering for cutting up tsugu's pussy

i wish ;/////;
i stayed inside all day..

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Have a good one waifu
Look it's not you it's me. I got german blood and you something. I'm sorry, i can't be your boi
I've been waiting over a year for the last guy you take your time. My heart will be here. Will have to see this art work next time tho if you save it. Oh me oh my. What a compliment. oops, the skip card was played on me you got to give the to the next guy :P

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Aqua is my wife

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oh! and i jut got done too :(
oh well, next time fren!
i hope we meet again...

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ooooh!!! hallo! i remember you fren!! i like you!!
i mean i liked talking to you last time!! ^w^

how are you doing? eat anything nice today or usual stuff?

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Yahallo Jenas

I have such a terrible memory, I recognise the image you post but I don't recall what we talked about
I am doing alright, been lacking motivation for school however
ate a pizza for dinner that was nice I guess
no autistic screeching
hello duke

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oh that's fine~ ^w^
i on the other hand remember every little detail no matter how long ago it was, sometimes i pretend to don't know since it's weird...
anyways, were talking about how people don't appreciate Aqua and think she is stupid because they just watch the mangos
but actually she is pretty badass and can seriously do some awesome shit if she sets her mind to it like at the ending

eh.. that happens. as long as you're doing good onthe paper, just show up & chill & take it easy school is a place to relax, you can study at home.

ho i like pizza too!!!! all i had was roast chicken over some rice & tomatoes+gravy
was okay

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how was your day?

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understandable, have a nice day

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I thought you didn't like it

oh I remember now, my apologies
the paper is already finished and turned in
I gotta design a website now which has got me excited but also im kinda tired from working with another person lol. let me work alone
whats your favourite topping?
that sounds super good though wtf
planning on heading to bed soon and finishing the LotR trilogy
yeah thats why i posted a happy aqua

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I knew you didn't like me :(

hmm i liked those movies.
what part are you at now?

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Do you know Duke's discord?

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im just teasing, stop being so autistic
same, I hadnt watched them in forever, I think the last time was when I just came out of the hospital like, 7 years ago. That's why i decided to rewatch them all, they are even better than I expected tbh. Expected them to be cheesy
I finished The Two Towers 2 days ago, so one more to go sadly

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I literally can't

ah.. i hate that too. i love working alone... like this you don't have to coordinate stuff with someone else you can just do everything yourself, easy!

cheese, basil & pepperoni. that's it! :3

i still have some leftovers it was actually too much for me considering im just one person lol
probably gonna eat that for tomorrows lunch

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aw :c
nice numbers and hot.
mhm :)
i never saw the original version in english so that would be interesting.
i think that last one was my favorite

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i was trying to make a joke lol
I am contemplating on just making the entire thing myself and just showing it to him when its finished
those are pretty good, I think I agree though I also really like mushrooms on there
thats the best about living alone, I did that shit all the time. Just made a meal for 2 people and ate the leftovers the next day
wait wtf they dubbed lotr in french? Holy shit i actually hate all french speaking nations
I cant quite remember what happens in 3 except the obvious. Half the stuff that happened in 2 I thought happened in 3 because of the video game I had

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if u dont get some sort of proof
ill kill your family
u cant marry a godamn jpg

ok -_- how was i supposed to watch something i dont understand then.

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nigga learn enlish
read subtitles
be a regular human being like everyone else

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i want my brother to go away already!

ask duke to talk to me please :*

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you should not do that, now that it's already set in stone you have to partner up with him there's nothing you can do.
unless they would be fine with you doing all the work, i encountered many people like that and they always fuck up during presentation or if you have to explain something about the project, since they didn't do shit and just let me do it lol

mhmm... not a mushroom guy.. they are too squishy and slimey it's weird, truffles are gud tho, not slimey at all

thing is i always make too much and when i actually try to make less it's not enough! heh...
but ya, good thing we have fridges and freezers ein modern -society-


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now i can -_______________-
me too ._.
i sent you cool pictures i hope you can look at them soon

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Hi Tan-chan~

i really wanna see them ;~;
please don't delete!

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mhmmm.... you post quite some bold pictures today :|

are you okay
something happen?

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