Cuck here, WWYD to my girl? dubs get nudes, trips video

Cuck here, WWYD to my girl? dubs get nudes, trips video

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I'd hug her and make her fuck you while I slowly walk away towards the setting sun

Id cut off her tits and make her eat them. If she had tits.


How many other men have fucked her? And did you watch?

Dubs. You'd better deliver, queer

double dubs, OP.

I'd fuck her while she licks some other girl's clit.

OP a fag cuck then?

Gross but win

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Show her pussy

I'd fuck her doggy in front of a mirror, while you only get to see her reflection.

Id fuck her ass and make you suck my cock for lubez

Show her pussy

Show her pussy

i'd make her suck my cock, down on her knees. Then I'd make her kiss you before lying her down on her back and fucking her brains out, spread-eagle.

3 dubs you have not yet honored.
Also, you'd have to lick my cum off her chest after I've given her a pearl-necklace.

My wife

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3 so far, and I like watching but also participate

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Nigga dats gay

is this the same person?


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What would you want to see her do to me?

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Pics of her getting fucked by her bulls

this too

what does she like?


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So you are married and have a side chick who cucks you?

she has a nice body.. any cum pics?

Her initials SE?

I'd have her wear a dress, fuck her raw and let her walk away with my cum trickling down her thighs.

(no panties, obviously)


Fuck it, just posting from now on

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is this still op?

No, first time posting.


OP here

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she hot af

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you mentionned videos too?

trips!! time for the vid ^^

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how old is she?
i take it you don't want to email me? discord then?

Ding ding ding

why'd the other guy in the thread delete his pics?

he wasn't getting enough attention, i guess. Also, highjacking a thread isn'"t cool.

unfortunately, your biggest fan (the one who posted most) has to go.. here's my email though (again) [email protected] . fr

Heyy..nice Elon Musky..

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