What the FUCK is this girl's endgame?

What the FUCK is this girl's endgame?

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Personally I hope she leads all her poser "I'm so depressed" faggot fans to drink the kool-aid. But not before letting a leak happen

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literally who?

fucking every nigger this side of the mississippi

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What’s with girls and the fucking eyebrows these days.

oldfag here. come to find out she's really talented. i legitimately like her music. i think you faggots are just obsessed with the retarded way she dresses and talks in interviews and who gives a fuck virgins

She’s talented at leading young girls astray and turning all of our future daughters into whores.


elvis needs to stop shaking his hips hes ruining our youths

You couldn't be more wrong shitskin. Her music, if you wanna call it that, is making America's youth believe in some fucked up way that they're all depressed and suicidal. I liked the memes 3 or 4 years ago but these faggots kids actually believe that it's some kind of sub-culture to be suicidal and nihilistic. But all the blame can't be based on her. It's terrible parents like you that let your little failure piles listen to this shit thats really fucking it up.

stop shaking your hips elvis!

ever met an elvis fan that amounted to anything ? didn’t think so kiddo

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Most likely not because them ones are probably successful musicians

Is this the bad guy?

Who is this?

Also why does user care about some 5/10 attention whore?

Actually she isn't being much of a whore,at least not as much as basically all the other famous mainstream female singers out there. She said herself that she is waiting to turn 18 to dress like a whore.

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You're argument is retarded. Elvis pushed Rock and Roll to knew heights and shook his hips as shock factor. Billy Eyelash is doing nothing new to help... Whatever form of music she is. And I'd much rather have kids being awoken to the attitude that sparked the 60's then every carbon copy middle schooler tell me they don't care or post of pic of them crying on facebook.

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She will od like a SoundCloud nigga the second she's irrelevant.

industry pawn
meaning manufacured performer
she has no endgame she just does what she's told sings the songs they give her and all that until she's done and they bring in the next flavour of the month

>What the FUCK is this girl's endgame?
Judging by her eyes expression, her endgame will be an H OD at 27 the latest.

so we have like a decade left?

I would love to see her do beastiality videos. I think she probably already fucks and sucks dogs.

then you'd like anything pushed in the mainstream in the last 20 years.
it's all the same junk by the same writers and producers.
where the hell you think these young pop stars come from, they sure as hell didn't make it big through hard work and talent. What you believe the stories about gospel choirs and playing the clubs? lmao


Why do you feel like she has to have an endgame? She's a kid that achieved superstardom. She doesn't know what the fuck she's doing, she's just fumbling her way through life garnering attention because she's beautiful and the industry decided to prop her up as their new poster child.

I found out a long time ago that it's just a long running gag for random lurkers on Sup Forums to call random girls dudes or trannies. I still don't get it

She got me fucked up mayne Sup Forums

Spoken like a true permavirgin.

Oh wait, the term is incel now, right.

It's the same recycled trash with a somewhat different sound, but at least her music sounds better than Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Arianna Grande to name a few pop clones created by mainstream media.

make tons of money
spend it all on drugs
the typical Californian dream

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Never said it couldn't happen earlier

youre kind of an idiot arent you

Why do teenagers these days look like they're almost 30? It used to be 30 year olds playing teenagers but now kids are already looking like they're gonna hit the wall tomorrow.