I flip two coins

I flip two coins.
At least one of them lands heads.

What is the probability that both land heads?

First one to get it wrongs get called a nigger and the first correct answer wins 10 internets.

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25 or some shit

did you want to be called a nigger? you didnt even fucking try, what a nigger.

Two heads: 1:4
Two tails: 1:4
One of each: 1:2

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Forgot "at least one lands on heads"

Meaning one outcome is guaranteed to be heads, leaving one 50/50 coin flip.


50%. First coin is out of the equation.


Fucked by wording once again

The probability is always 50%. Anyone that says anything else is a dumb fuck or trolling.

50 Cent

holy shit you are all retarded.

when one of you gets it right i will post the answer, explained in a picture in a way that even you tards will understand.

Just like the orange clown, wrong on the wrong.

This. You can get heads 20 times in a row and the next toss is still 50/50.

Heads 20 times in a row is 1 in 2^20th power in likelihood in probability. The law of averages, the universe, does not reset at each time chance is applied.

If you're going to say 75% you're a goddamn retard. 75% of the coins will land heads in repeated flips, but the chances of BOTH being heads is 50/50.

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start guessing faggot, im not just gonna give it to you, atleast one of you has to get it right.

its not 75% OR 50%. you are an idiot.


Enough of your shitty bait. Here's some tits, now give me the answer.

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Given that one is head, what is the probability that 2 outcomes are heads..
Answer: (1/2 x 1x2)/1/2
My maths got sloppy...

50/50 you absolute dumb dicks

technically your flipping for 4 sides. So it would be 25%
Thats' super basic math, yo


i do appreciate the titties, but i made a promise, i will post the answer when someone gets it right.

its actually pretty simple, but not as simple as "a coin has 2 sides hurr durr".

I bet that he's going to say 1/3 since the coin can land on it's side

What does it mean by winning 10 internets anw?

It's 66% obviously

well you got the right answer by accident, you win 10 internets.

here you go faggots, like i said its simple and someone should have gotten it.

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25 percent

that math is only calculating one coin

if it's 50/50 with one
you add another that is 50/50
and your trying to get TWO of the same side.

it's 25%. Period. Since there can ONLY be 4 outcomes
head head
head tails
tails tails
i stand corrected. 33%.

my final answer, for the million is 33%

only the first wrong answer got called a nigger, but i do agree that eveyone getting it wrong is most likely a stupid nigger.

33% dumb niggers

>not to be confused

So in other words, you knew that it could easily be misinterpreted, and you still didn't specify.

And to think, I gave you a pair of my finest tits...

So, 1/3. A trivial calculation. If you need to draw a picture you're a child.

Got it first.


how can it be specified?
to make it more clear would mean spoon feeding the answer to you.

my bad, the tits distracted me.

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i totally agree, its so easy, yet look at how many got it wrong, bunch of children on this site.

I guess. Just seems like more of a trick question than anything.

thats what i thought at first too when i saw it for the first time, but its not misleading on purpose, its not the question fault that you go to "im only flipping 1 coin", its yours.

even if you make a clarification and say "the coins are flipped at the same time" people still understand it as just 1 coin mattering, because people are stupid and probability is VERY counter intiuitive.

I don't know that people are necessarily stupid. We learn to process information in different ways. In this case, an assumption was made that wasn't intended in the initial question. But the line "at least one lands heads" is open to interpretation. It's not an explicit description of the intended problem.

All this question shows is that when communication is less than specific, some mistakes can be made.

again, how would you make the question more specific?

keep in mind that if its 10 lines of text then these faggots will not have the patience to read it.

oh and i do know, people are stupid, maybe not compared to monkeys, but still stupid.

The problem is that this assumes that a coin flip is exactly a 50/50 chance for heads or tails. But in reality the odds tend to favor one side over another

It's still 50%. Probability doesn't kick in. Do I have to teach you 8th Grade statistics?

and they can also land on their side, but its a simple math problem, not engineering of a particle accelerator.

if you want to nail the answer with the accuracy of a proton then you go on ahead, untill you do that we will stick with whole numbers.

thanks for making yourself look like a complete idiot.

Stupid is a relative term anyway.

>"show me how to make the question more specific"
>"But don't use more words"

Do you want a question that people will understand completely, or do you want a question that will lure in more people? I mean, obviously, based on your post, the latter. That's cool. But don't pretend that it's not intentionally vague.

i obviously already know how to get attention, now make it more specific or shut up.

You did it yourself, ya dingus. But you said you don't want the answer "spoon fed", and I'm guessing you would count this as spoon feeding.

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Ignore the dark green "outcome" part. I missed that in photoshop because I'm a lazy degenerate.

If you assume at least one coin will end up heads, you have the following scenarios:


TT is ruled out. Therefore, 1/3.

that does start to taste like a rusty spoon, but STILL people will misunderstand it, trust me, this isnt the first time i make on of these threads and i saw lots before i even made 1 myself.
its not clear enough.

I'm going to flip two coins. One of the two will land heads up. What is the probability that both will be heads up?

Am i right?

I'm not saying everyone would get it.

I've seen people screw up basic order of operations on here.

I'm just saying it seems more... "fair" at that point. Like if they get it wrong, there's no way it could be a simple miscommunication.

Leave. People already got the nigger and the internets. This thread is now for other purposes.

the people getting it wrong will claim that it IS miscommunication instead of admitting that they were wrong and it kinda feels like thats what you are doing aswell.

i should know because i've been in your shoes, i too argued that its misleading on purpose, but its not.

I didn't say misleading, I said vague. It lets you assume whatever you want to assume, instead of being explicit.

and people REALLY want to assume that its 50/50 and that its not their fault they got it wrong.

Now you're just being disingenuous and snarky.

I'm going to go shitpost somewhere else now.

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i might be those things, but im also being honest.


Wrong, because both have the same chance to land heads.

So you have 3 possible outcomes :
Heads Tails
Tails Heads
Heads Heads

The answer is one in three chances.

Outcome two and three are the same, answer remains 50/50. Go fuck yourself

no they are not.
you know you can always test this yourself, all you need is 2 coins.
you have 2 coins right?

It is not testable because I would need a reality in which one coin will inevitably land heads up.

or you just flip 2 coins and if none land heads you ignore it and flip again.
you are a special kind of stupid arent you.

But if both coins can land heads down that reduces the chance for double heads to 1/4th

land heads down? do you mean tails?
ugh i cant be bothered with such low tier trolling.

and if I can ignore double tails that means that I can ignore which of the coins lands on heads. meaning there are only the outcomes of double heads and headtails. 50/50