Ehem, how do I buy beer without my family finding out (i'm an adult but they're muslim)

Ehem, how do I buy beer without my family finding out (i'm an adult but they're muslim)
i'm afraid someone I know will see me buying it in the store and rat me out

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Imagine being this cucked by your family even though you are a grown man.
Have you tried killing yourself?

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Use a diffrent store.

Muslim trips

Use a different store or just buy it from the supermarket where they sell all things, so no one will notice.

Drinking is stealthy as fuck you can just stay up and have a couple beers while you game.

Go to a store outside of your neighbourhood and just tuck the bottle in your jacket or pants. Better off buying liquor though

Satan clearly wants you to be a drunkard. Turn to Christ and your desire for substances will fade. The false words of Islam can sustain no man.

buy apple cider and drink it up, then put beer that bought in the flask and pay with cash. Worked for me when i was underage.

The liquor store clerk isn't going to turn you in to your parents if you are of legal drinking age. Your parents will be able to smell beer on you for hours afterwards though. Best do this when they're out of town.

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Just buy it from a few towns over m8

Just stop being Muslims.

Just don't buy it. Your family is right.

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Unless you're dependent on them financially, buy it and drink right in front of them while flipping them the bird with your left hand. Fuck all cults, m8. Fuck 'em proper.
>also, fuck off satan
>we know you're a scientologist

This. Quick fix. Look at me, I'm not Muslim and I drink every day. No one says a word

I think that im tom cruise

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Go out with your friends and order some. Chew mint gum after

Just don't live with your family

Kill your family, you can't get into trouble if they're dead. Send pics pls if you do

Stop being a part of the worst religion on earth.

>that satanic trips
Satans parents are Muslims kek
Move out and cut contact tho

You point out that their favourite god comes with exactly the same amount of supporting evidence as the thousands of other gods that they know are fake. That amount is zero.

Tell them to grow up. An adult with an imaginary friend is an embarrassment.

how do underage women buy booze? By finding a man to suck off in exchange for it. Go to craigslist.

>i'm an adult
then just go to the store and buy it
if you're an adult it means you live by yourself.
just make sure you have all your empty bottles/cans cleared away when your folks come to visit.

drive about 200 miles and get some. Transfer beer into Mexican Coke bottles.

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you may be of age but you sure are a fucking kid. either get beer and be ready for possible consequences or just dont. only kids are allowed to run away from responsobility for their actions.

Cucked by his family AND his god, lol. Cuckold level over 9000.

>buy six pack of cheap beer
>set it on the living room table and crack open one
>tell your parents to neck themselfs when they try to control you with their muslim shit
for fuck sake user, just be a man

do it right in front of them, you're a grown fucking adult.
though if you're asking, you're probably dependent on them, I imagine.
consider doing late nights, drink plenty of water while you drink,

Best answers so far. My family was religious and I eventually came out as atheist. Took them awhile to accept it but they did. Plus, I drink and they don't. Be an adult, leave that religion, and start living your own life. Next stop... coke and strippers OP.

then they call your bluff and kick you out, great move, user.
they will make you prove you are a man after that haha.

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