I'm putting together a team

I'm putting together a team...

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I'm in(the oven)

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Seriously all Jews need to die off to purify the world, it would end all corruption in politics, science, and religion. They are very manipulative by using their Jewish privilege to be given jobs in media. (never give a jew a camera). Jews as a whole have their stubborn fingers on the evolutionary pause button, once their killed off we can finally walk forward and progress as a worldwide society.

Nigga, only one bad religion, and you sure as fuck know which......

Hank Hill jerkin' his rod, reporting for duty
But you'll have to find a new boogeyman to blame all of your short-comings on if you exterminate da joo's

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Seriously you are now on the FBI, CIA , MOSSAD and DARPA watchlist, bravo!

Stay mad you weak little kike. If you can't handle truth speech, get in the oven.

>When you blindly defend a pedophilic ritual based religion

Fuckin buddhist i know right they worship suicide , kill more people for their religion than the jews christian and islamist combined even their bible's called the book of the dead, what kind of crazy shit is that

Buddhist don't condone suicide. Nice try same fagging kike shill. Judaism is the pedophilic ritual based satanic religion that needs to be killed off.

Imagine a religion that claims that if you die, you will be reincarnated , so basically your life dosen't matter their's infinite other life to go through, unless you live this life by having no fun and no emotion then you won't be reincarnated , literally mind control bullshit to trick paesant to kill themself and to give them false hope that if they play their part well in this life they'll get better in the next life

>Being this stubbornly jewish

(((((((((((((((((((((((Jew reporting in)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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41% here

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clown-pilled here to help

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shall I help you???

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Tarrant nigger here

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English police here! Read file name,m8

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Lord Pooxi here

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who do you think would be likely to follow you and join your irrepressibly retarded "team",
you fucking stupid cow ?

No offence intended.

Call this guy a nigger here

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Yo!? Wass up, you fags?

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Nothin'.. Just thinkin' 'bout killing some fellow kids