Loli is for queers

Loli is for queers
Ephebe is the patricians choice

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Nice thread my friend

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What is "Ephebe"?


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teens from 14 to 18

pic related

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Thanks. Ive learned something new today

Meh, too easy

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that is how most law works. none of the shit written down matters if your payment/lawyer is good enough

Excuse me, maybe i'm stupid, but what is Wickr ? It's like discord ?

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basically anything under 12 should be criminal but anything over is free game biological adults... okay

all that Hitler did was legal, I know


it's like a stupid haxorz discord, apparently 100% privacy

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based af

have nothing to contribute tho feelsbadman

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Okay i see, tks

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Fucking lost... that's funny

Funny, but true

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The definition of Ephebe is 'a boy between 18-20'

Boy ?

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he is talking about belle delphine

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>that image
meh, a hole is a hole

Whos that sexy loli on the bed?

I'm not an ancient greek, you know

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So a 16 y/o boy would be ephebe? Does it have to be anime or would a real boy count?

both, i think, but is more employed IRL

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Do you prefer Hermy, or Marie Rose ?

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I just want to be young again.

i prefer marie rose. i would like to download her 3d model in obj or blender format. but i never found it

i have a 15 y/o gf. i am 19. ama?

how is prison at that age?


How'd you manage that? Does anyone know? You tappin' that? How long have you been together?

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Im digging this. Continue

we’ve been together for 6 months, we started right after she turned 15. we bonded over a shared interest in mathematics and Sup Forums; she has been using Sup Forums a lot for the past two years actually. both of our parents know. my mother is a bit skeptical of my intentions with her but her parents seem to have my approval. her mother is young and subtly flirts with me on occasion. yes, i have done some things with her.

where do you live ?

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>yes, i have done some things with her.
Go on...

A dog is like a wolf and a fox.
The fox is the wild wolf
The wolf is the wild dog
Bitches are domesticated animals

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>we bonded over a shared interest in mathematics

fuck i'm gonna cum... tell more

I hate how we get thrown into the pedo crowd tbh. Our kind does nothing wrong.

Truly amazing, especially foot placement
Any more feet/ass stuff?

A little girl ? on Sup Forums..? but, and the rule 16 ?

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she was flirty and i started asking her gradually more suggestive questions over text. she did the same, stuff about circumcision/masturbation habits. took a while but i got her to give me head in my car. she was nervous and giggly and it was a bit toothy but she did a good job. i told her so and she was beaming; she said she looked up tutorials beforehand.

Hebephilia > Ephebephilia > Pedophilia > Adult women

yup, but she doesn’t post enough to get caught.

the math i am interested in is way above her level but she still will enthusiastically listen to me talk about it. i always notice her eyes light up once she understands something im explaining to her. she really likes puzzles and challenging math questions and participates in her school’s math team. she’s a bright kid; had her iq tested a few years ago and landed in the moderately-highly gifted range. however she is very naive and i think she may be somewhere slightly on the spectrum.

Where do you live ? The last time, i was talk with a 23 y/o french guy with 13 y/o gf

i am from america.


She's look so cute, i envy you. take care of her user, rly

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Do you want to nuke this thread ?

That depends on how quickly I can save them.

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that's an L

> she still will enthusiastically listen to me talk about it. i always notice her eyes light up once she understands something im explaining to her. she really likes puzzles and challenging math questions and participates in her school’s math team. she’s a bright kid;

aaaaaaaaa that's my fantasy

does she prefer loli or shota?

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damn where can I get a gallery full of this shit?

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artist: Ninjartist
Next time, use iqdb, plz

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>make good art
>insert shitty fetish
y tho

Doesn't always work though.

Sry about this, i'm not the artist, you know...

anyone want an actual borderline loli to buy pictures off?? hit me up, my kik is phoenix_pony :)

nice try fbi

Almost as fishy as

Nigga I ain't about to get arrested, I'm a law abiding man who has good taste in girls.

im really not haha, pinky swear

more bush please

Use SauceNao instead, it's just on the right of the pic


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First time seeing the word ephebe, but I think you might be on to something