I have a 350 word essay do tomorrow on the civil war (american) but I havent even started researching wtf do i do?

I have a 350 word essay do tomorrow on the civil war (american) but I havent even started researching wtf do i do?

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what is the question or theme of the paper? Causes, outcomes, differences in sides, etc?

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Honestly you must be in middle to high school. I could write this essay in and hour, depending on what the subject matter is on.

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Is it a timeline of events, tactics, political implications....?

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I could write a 1000 words on just the firearms used in the civil war. What is it supposed to be about?

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easy. read the fuck up on some websites and articles even if you do utterly fucking hate it, OP.

if you somehow can't do this, assuming this is digital, make a pdf of it and corrupt it so it can't be opened when you submit it (assuming you're using google classroom or something like that) using this site: corruptmyfile.com/
(if that doesn't work use this:)

3seconds in google

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350 words is nothing try writing a 7 page paper

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The Civil War, though, is remembered now through a fog of memory, not like past wars, where there were still people on both sides who felt the war was their birthright, even though most of the people involved felt the war was a brutal and unjust war.

Today, that seems strange, and not because the U.S. has become an especially racist country. In the first place, racism isn't that new. At least in the past 150 or so years, the United States has produced some of the most widely reviled people in history. But more than that, the war has become the great American tragedy of that era, a time when a generation of young men were killed fighting the Civil War and the United States and the Western world were at a crossroads over whether to stay as much as possible with Britain or to secede and become what historian Richard Hofstadter called the "new barbarians" on the world stage.

The time period is one of the most well-known historical eras in America, but in the United States it has been neglected when talking about the war itself. The Confederacy may have been a powerful organization, but it didn't have a central government and it didn't get much love from the general American public. Its impact was felt in a few ways in the first decades of the 20th century, when it helped to create the modern conservative movement.

The Civil War started with the United States' decision to annex the Confederate States of America into the Union in 1861. It also led directly to the secession of Northern states. Northern states had a longstanding desire to end an organization that had been a thorn in their side for so long. While some Northerners had been skeptical of the Confederacy, most Northern politicians and even many Northern Catholics had had a hard time taking it seriously. They had seen its record of violence or secession as a necessary evil for any good cause.

In 1865, President Abraham Lincoln and the newly-formed Republican Party called for the Union victory in the war.

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